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Rahul Upmanyu

If you have ever done blogging then you must know the name of Rahul Upmanyu, who guides people step by step on blogging on his YouTube channel, through which anyone can easily understand and earn thousands of rupees per month by writing a blog.

Rahul Upmanyu was born in a middle-class family in Kurukshetra, Haryana (India). He was very fond of computers and technology, so he completed his post-graduation from the Computer Branch, then he started his career with the name “Rahul Upmanyu” on 28 July 2017. Created a YouTube Channel and started blogging on it, YouTube, Technology Tips, Mobile & Laptop Reviews, Computer Tutorials, YouTube Views SEO etc. Started sharing his knowledge by making videos about it.

About Rahul Upmanyu

Rahul Upmanyu especially gives information about blogging in very simple and easy words on his YouTube channel. After watching his blogging videos, many people started blogging and are also earning money.

So let us know the story of Rahul Upmanyu in detail, how he achieved so much success in the world of blogging on social media and is currently earning thousands of rupees per month.

  • Rahul Upmanyu is a shining YouTuber and blogger, digital marketer and web developer who is engaged in achieving new heights in the field of YouTube and blogging with his hard work.
  • Rahul Upmanyu was born in Kurukshetra City in Haryana.

A Brief Intro of Rahul Upmanyu

Rahul’s nicknameMr. Upmanyu
Well-known for(a) Rahul Upmanyu on YouTube (106k+ Subscribers) , (b) The blog at rahulupmanu.com
Significant otherAnjali Upmanyu
Net wortharound 50 lakh
Personal info of rahul upmanyu

Personal info of Rahul Upmanyu

Some important personal details related to Rahul Upmanyu are given below, by reading which you can get information about him,

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Full nameRahul Upmanyu
NicknameMr. Upmanyu, Rahul
BirthplaceKurukshetra City in Haryana.
Age29 (Approx)
Zodiac signLibra
Height 5 feet 4 inches ( Approx)
Weight68 kg (Approx)
Contact @irahulupmanyu (Instagram)
ProfessionYoutuber and Blogger
Family of Rahul Upmanyu

Family of Rahul Upmanyu

Rahul Upmanyu has not revealed the names of his parents or any other family members on any of his social media accounts, but in a vlog video, he introduced the subscribers to his parents, and grandmother on his YouTube Channel and if they tell the names So we will update in this blog post, his wife’s name is Anjali upmanyu.

  • Father – Not known
  • Mother -Not known
  • Brother-Not known
  • Wife- Anjali upmanyu
  • Son – Not known
  • Daughter -Not known
  • Sister- Not known

Networth or Salary of Rahul Upmanyu

After Pawan Agrawal, Rahul Upmanyu is most famous on social media in the field of blogging, who himself earns thousands by blogging and also gives many tips and tricks to people for blogging on YouTube Channel and also earns monthly income from YouTube Monetization. Earns thousands of rupees, you can see the approximate salary and net worth of Rahul Upmanyu.

  1. Salary – 50k per month (Approx)
  2. Networth- 50 lakh (Approx)

Affairs or Girlfriend of Rahul Upmanyu

Rahul Upmanyu’s age is about 29 years and he also earns thousands of rupees per month from Blogging, and YouTube monetisation he is married through an arranged marriage and his wife’s name is Anjali Upmanyu.

  • Girlfriend – Anjali upmanyu
  • Marital status – Married
  • Wife – Anjali upmanyu

Educational qualification of Rahul Upmanyu

Rahul Upmanyu was a good student since childhood and was very fond of knowing and understanding things related to computers and technology, hence after passing his Matriculation, Intermediate and graduation examinations, he completed Post Graduation from Computer Science Branch.

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Matric Passed
Post graduationIn Computer

Social media followers of Rahul Upmanyu

Rahul Upmanyu makes and uploads videos of Blogging, Technology and many SEO tips or tricks on his YouTube Channel, which people like very much. Millions of people watch his videos, hence he has millions of followers on his social media account, you can see You can see how many followers and subscribers Deepak Joshi has on which social media platform.

  • 1) YouTube – 164k + Followers
  • 2) Instagram – 9.1k+ followers
  • 3) Facebook – 1k + Followers
  • 4) Telegram – 20k + subscribers

Social Media link of Rahul

Below we have given the link to all the Social Media Accounts of Rahul, by clicking on it you will go directly to his Social Media Account and there you can watch videos related to his Blogging & Technology and can follow and subscribe to his Social Media Account. Are.

  • 1) YouTube – Rahul upmanyu
  • 2) Blog Website – rahulupmanyu.com
  • 3) Instagram – @irahulupmanyu
  • 4) Telegram – Rahul upmanyu
  • 5) Facebook – Rahul upmanyu

Blogging and YouTube career journey of Rahul (YouTube & Blogging career journey of Rahul )

Let us now know in detail the story of Rahul from childhood to becoming a famous blogger and YouTuber…

1) Rahul is a shining YouTuber and blogger, digital marketer and web developer who is engaged in achieving new heights in the field of YouTube and blogging with his hard work.

2) Rahul was born in Kurukshetra City in Haryana.

3) Rahul was good at studies since childhood, so he did post-graduation in computers with constant hard work and dedication.

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4)After Rahul’s graduation, he worked as a software engineer at Artech.

5) But Rahul did not feel like working in artech because he wanted to make his own brand.

6) That’s why Rahul made his own YouTube channel in 2017 and started sharing information about Blogging, YouTube, Technology Tips, Mobile & Laptop Reviews, Computer Tutorials, YouTube Views SEO etc.

7) After making Rahul’s YouTube channel, he continued to work hard for many years and put videos on YouTube, due to which today his channel has 106k + subscribers and earns thousands of rupees a month from YouTube.

8) Along with this, Rahul has also created his blog website (rahulupmanu.com) and from that, he earns thousands of rupees per month.

9) So in this way Rahul is earning thousands of rupees per month by making a YouTube channel and blog website with his hard work and dedication and is trying to achieve a new position in the field of YouTube and blog.


In the end, thanks to his commitment and diligence, well-known blogger and YouTuber Rahul Upmanyu has achieved great success in the blog and internet marketing fields. Rahul, who was up in Kurukshetra, Haryana, decided to pursue a masters education in computing since he was passionate about technology. When he first started on YouTube in 2017, he shared advice on the internet, writing, and Marketing and quickly accumulated over 106k followers. Additionally, he makes money each month from his blog, rahulupmanyu.com. Rahul, whose net worth is estimated to be over 50 lakh, is a successful digital influencer who always motivates and enlightens people.

Frequently Asked Questions about Rahul

Millions of people watch and follow Rahul Upmanyu’s videos, so his followers and subscribers keep asking many questions on social media, the answers to which are given below,

1) What is the age of Rahul ?

Ans- 29 years (as of 2023)

2) what is the net worth of Rahul ?

Ans- 50 lakhs (Approx)

3) what is the salary of Rahul ?

Ans- 50k per month (Approx)

4) what is the name of YouTube channel of Rahul ?

Ans- Rahul with 106k + subscribers

5) what is the name of the Blog Website of Rahul ?

Ans- rahulupmanyu.com

6) Who is the girlfriend of Rahul ?

Ans- Anjali upmanyu

7) Who is the wife of Rahul?

Ans- Anjali Upmanyu

8) what is the date of birth of Rahul ?

Ans- 1994 (29 years)

9) what is the Birthplace of Rahul ?

Ans- Kurukshetra City in Haryana.

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