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Yodha, Sidharth Malhotra upcoming movie or Film, is almost ready for release. Following the latest release of the film’s banner, it has been getting attention. Karan Johar released a fresh poster today on his social media accounts. He also disclosed the details about the release of the teaser. It will be available on February 19th, tomorrow. 

The artwork, which shows Sidharth Malhotra’s upcoming movie brandishing a gun, was shared by Karan Johar. His appearance is dotted with black markings. “#Yodha teasers out TOMORROW AT 1 pm! All onboard this stormy ride ahead!” the headline of the post exclaims. Yodha has been history, as Karan disclosed last week, being the primary Hindi film poster release to reach 13,000 feet. The crew could be spotted skydiving in Dubai to reveal the poster in an animation that the director posted. 

Karan Johar statement  

He has black lines on his face. “All aboard this turbulent ride ahead!!! #Yodha teaser out TOMORROW AT 1 pm!,” the post caption reads. 

The squad may be seen in the footage jumping off a plane while holding the poster. He revealed the poster using the aid of his crew. “’Airdropping’ the adrenaline-fueled journey onto your monitors like never ever!” Karan remarked while sharing the video. Get ready, the #YodhaTeaser drops on February 19. Before the teaser release, Sidharth Malhotra post a new poster on his Instagram account. He can be seen gripping a gun in the artwork while a plane takes off in the background. 

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Karan wrote, “‘Airdropping’ the adrenaline-fueled ride onto your screens like never before! Gear up, #YodhaTeaser out on Feb 19. This upcoming movie by Sidharth Malhotra will be thrilling and amazing. 

Karan said in a statement, “A special film like Yodha deserves a historic moment, one that makes waves through time. It’s an out-and-out actioner. At the same time, it’s edgy, it’s slick, and most importantly, it’s infused with the right amount of drama and thrill. Sid perfectly embodies the demeanour of an action hero. With YODHA, he has gone full throttle as the action hero of new India.” 

Sidharth Malhotra’s statement  

In his post he mentioned that, this spectacular poster release is just the starting point and it truly sets an environment for the exciting action that lies ahead,” Sidharth continued. He can’t spoil too much, but he will say that before Yodha comes out, the public is in to learn more shocks of this kind. He is excited to see how people will respond to what’s in hand. His relationship with Dharma Productions dates back a long way; they worked together on Student of the Year, Shershaah, and now Yodha. Every movie they’ve worked on has found an audience throughout all social groups, and Yodha will surely carry on this tradition. 

His post  

Sidharth added, “This high-flying poster launch is just the beginning and it sets the tone for the thrilling action to come. Without revealing too much I’d like to say that the audience is in for more such surprises before the release of Yodha, and I cannot wait to see how fans react to what’s in store. This film marks a long association of mine with Dharma Productions, starting with Student of the Year to Shershaah and now Yodha. Each of the films we have worked on has resonated with both the classes as well as the masses, and Yodha will undoubtedly take this legacy forward.” 

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The upcoming movie of Sidharth Malhotra, Yodha is going to release on March 15. 

Video Credit – Dharma Productions
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