Top 10 South Indian movies of all time

Top 10 best South Indian movies of all time

Are you fascinated by South Indian culture, food, and movies? Check out this list of the top 10 South Indian movies of all time from India’s southern nation.

We can all agree that from time to time we enjoy a good subbed or dubbed version of a South Indian movie.

When we talk about South Indian cinema, we often just think of energy, dance, and action, but let’s not forget Masala. Here are the top 10 South Indian movies of all time.

Many film industries concentrate on producing films in the regional languages of South India. These local industries are thriving, producing not just money-making films but critically sound ones as well.

It’s safe to say that all other blockbuster Bollywood movies are remakes of South Indian movies.


In one word, Rajamouli is wonderful. A man named Shiva encounters his past without knowing his lineage. Bahubali is a blockbuster among the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time.

What follows is pure magnificence: suspense, action, romance—this movie has it all. “Baahubali” is a movie of epic scale.

Rajamouli, Shoub Yarragadda, Prasad Devineni, and Karan Johar’s ‘Baahubali’ roll the carpet and blast the trumpets to create an on-screen spectacle of India that can wow the world’s Peter Jackson and James Cameron from scene to finish.

‘Crowned’ crowd entertainer ‘Baahubali’—the most expensive and technically demanding film ever made in India—wins the winning trophy at the B.O. ‘Baahubali’ Rajamouli is bigger and better and makes us all proud as Indians. Here are the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time


With Vetri Maaran’s Asuran, Dhanush has once again displayed his natural and extraordinary acting prowess effortlessly. Produced by Kalaipuli S. Thanu, the film is amplified with G.V. Prakash’s spot-on music. Asuran is the most popular of the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time.

Vetri Maaran is one of the few directors who presents his films and characters without polishing the roots of the plot much, and Asuran too is as raw and rustic as the plot requires it to be. The terrain, the dialect, and the setting are grounded in reality, like in his other films.

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The core conflict is due to land owned by Dhanush’s family and how things escalate intensely into more serious troubles between a land shark who is trying to attain this property. Asura’s plot is based on the novel ‘Vekkai’ by Poomani. The feeling that the film is an actual projection of reality is evoked once again by Vetri Maaran through the significance and importance given to each character.

To emphasize that, Sivasami’s family is referred to as ‘Chidambaram’s family’ (Chidambaram is played by Ken Karunas) by the narrator (Vetri Maaran), and Murugan (Teejay) is arguably more of an ‘Asuran’ than Sivasami in the film.


“Magadheera,” another work of S.S. The 2017 Bollywood movie Labutta was a remake of this film. Magadheera is a well-known romantic movie of the South in the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time. Thankfully, thanks to an interesting storyline and stylized execution, all these elements come together to deliver the promised visual enjoyment.

Maghadheera is a movie to watch with great anticipation, considering its huge budget, high-profile star, blockbuster director, successful production company, and massive publicity campaign.

Thankfully, thanks to an interesting storyline and stylized execution, all these elements come together to deliver the promised visual enjoyment.

The story begins when Ram Charan, an aspiring biker, lands in Hyderabad and meets Kajal. He feels a strong and mysterious connection with Kajal, and he has love-at-first-sight syndrome.

At the same time, Kajal’s murderous cousin Pratap, who is afflicted with lust syndrome at first sight, takes her to distant Udaigarh and makes her believe that Charan killed her father. In a flashback to the 16th century, Charan appears as Kala, his Bhairava, a brave warrior of the Kingdom of Udaigar.

His love story with the princess (again, Kajol) ends tragically for both while saving Udaigar from the traitor Pratap. Back in the present, Charan must not only prove his innocence and win back his love but also put an end to his 400-year-old past battle with Pratap.


A simple family movie turns into a crime drama that will surely draw you in. Drishyam was a massive hit among the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time.

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Drishyam is a family entertainer in which superstar Mohanlal plays the character of George Kutty, an ordinary family man who struggles to make ends meet.

Orphaned by nature, George Kutty dropped out of college in his fourth year. Thanks to his diligent efforts, he acquired his five-hectare rubber plantation.

He then married Rani (Meena), the 10th failed girl from a poor family.

George, Katie, and Rani have two daughters, Anju and Anu, and are very good at their studies.

All his happiness came to an abrupt end when George Kutty and his family ran into trouble. Based on the blockbuster film Memories, ‘Drisham’ is directed by Jeetu Joseph and produced by Anthony Perambourg under the banner of Asylvaad Cinemas.


a historical drama that was released in 2018 and has many fans waiting for a sequel. KGF created a history in cinemas among the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time.

The movie`s improvement commenced in early 2015, after Neel completed writing the screenplay. Filming commenced years later, in January 2017.

Most of the movie is set within the Kolar Gold Fields and is filmed in locales consisting of Kolar, Mysore, and elements of North Karnataka.

The movie’s manufacturing was finished in August 2018. Bhuvan Gowda dealt with the cinematography, and Srikanth Gowda edited the movie.

Composer Ravi Basru

3. Moonu

Ten years ago, the song “Kolaveri Di” took the internet by storm.

This very catchy song is from this movie.

Dhanush gives a great performance (some scenes still give me goosebumps no matter how many times I watch it), and Shruti Hassan is phenomenal.

Sivaji, the most famous movie among the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time

‘Sivaji’ is without a doubt one of his most entertaining and iconic films ever.

NRI philanthropist returns to India with a desire to do good to his people, but his noble endeavours are thwarted by corrupt politicians.

Shivaji: The Boss is a 2007 Indian Tamil action film directed by S.

Shankar and produced by AVM Productions.

The leading roles are played by Rajinikanth and Shriya Saran, and it stars Vivek, Suman, Manivanan, and Raghuvaran.

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In the film, Shivaji is the architect of the software system and returns to India to provide free healthcare and education, but faces obstacles from the system and the influential political leader Artisheshan.


A sequel you didn’t know you needed!

Vikram is one of the best South Indian movies of 2022. Kamal Hasan returns as Vikram, following the 1986 classic Vikram.

He soon learned that the case was not what it seemed on the surface and that there was deep-rooted corruption and dangerous people you might encounter.

Pushpa Raj

Pushpa, Pushpa Raj..Thagede le!

What a fad it was and probably still is.

Pushpa’s fever hasn’t abated since its release, through songs and dialogue.

Starring Arul Arjun as the title character and co-starring Fahad Fasil (Telugu debut), Rashmika Mandanna, Jagadeesh Pratap Bhandari, Sunil, Raj Tilandas, Rao Ramesh, Dhananjaya, and Anasuya Bharadwaj, Ajay and Ajay Ghosh play supporting roles.

Pushpa Raj had a very good impact on their audience and people loved it among the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time.

The first in the Pushpa film series, the film chronicles the rise of the coolies Pushpa He Raj in Andhra, his rare rosewood smuggling syndicate that grows only in the Seshachalam hills of Chittoor, Pradesh.

Vakeel Saab

Telugu power star Pawan Kalyan is back with the excellent and widely critically acclaimed film Vakil Saab.

a Telugu remake of Amitabh Bachchan’s Pink.

Vakeel Saab is a 2021 Indo-Telugu legal drama written and directed by Venu Sriram. Vakeel Saab is dubbed the movie Pink a good one among the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time.

It is a remake of the 2016 Hindi film Pink, starring Pawan Kalyan, Nivesa Thomas, Anjali, Ananya Nagara, Prakash Raj, and Shruti Haasan.

The principal photography for this film began in Hyderabad in January 2020.


Some of the best South Indian movies contain action, drama, emotion, and humour. So these movies are like gift baskets.

This list is our take on the top 15 South Indian movies. Fun fact: Most of these movies are also dubbed in Hindi.

Regardless of language, binge-watching these highly entertaining films is that’s all, plus it’s always subtitled.

I hope you got to know the Top 10 South Indian movies of all time. If you haven’t watched any of the movies till now, don’t wait any longer.

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