Top 10 Female News Anchors in India Changed the News Land

Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

ehaIntroduction: Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

Find out who are Top 10 Female News Anchors in India, are and why your audience should be watching.

Current events are what news is all about. When newspapers were the only source of information about events occurring throughout the world, that was the case. After then, the telegraph arrived, simplifying international communication. The news medium later underwent a revolution with the development of radio and television.

The public now has easier access to information thanks to news readers who also bring a more personal touch to the news than was previously possible with printed or television news. We frequently watch some news networks due to their news anchors. Journalism is viewed as a way to bring up concerns and report events that are hidden from the public and the government since they are believed to be objective observers of facts and data.

Since journalists are expected to be genuinely on the side of the truth and the numbers, they have an obligation to do so. In this article, We are highlighting the top 10 female news anchors in India whose reporting has set the bar.

1. Anjana Om Kashyap

Anjana  Om Kashyap is an executive editor for Aaj Tak and comes from Jhansi. She began her career in journalism at Doordarshan, went on to Zed News, and then, in 2007, joined Aaj Tak. Her career as a news anchor begins on Aaj Tak. Her brilliance is deserving of recognition. She receives criticism for her biased anchoring and is charged with reporting in support of the correct ideology.

Anjana Om Kashyap is a notable Indian journalist and television host who has worked in the media sector for many years. She has amassed enormous popularity among viewers because of her compelling on-screen personality and remarkable communication abilities. Anjana works for the well-known Hindi news network Aaj Tak, where she is the host of a primetime news program.

She has covered several significant events and breaking news items with the highest professionalism and is renowned for her sharp reporting and insightful interviews. Anjana is one of the most recognized and regarded media figures in India thanks to her commitment to journalism and talent for engaging with viewers. Anjana is considered one of the top 10 female news anchors in India.

2. Shweta Singh- Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

Shweta Singh, a well-known female anchor, is noted for her excellent reporting skills and likeable on-screen attitude. She is currently a senior executive editor at Aaj Tak and was born and raised in Patna, Bihar. Since the first year after graduating, she has been actively working in the journalistic industry.

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She had also worked for Sahara and Zed News in addition to Aaj Tak. Even after working in journalism for more than 20 years, she still thinks she is unsuited for the field, which is both astounding and displays her humility. Over the course of more than 10 years, she has solidified her reputation as a trustworthy presence in the media. She has received lots of compliments from the audience for her crisp delivery. Shweta is famous for covering several national and international events.

3. Richa Anirudh

Richa Anirudh, a talk show host for IBN7’s Zindgi Live, is one of the friendliest hosts around. She was born on 31 May 1975. Some of the things that set her apart are the way she listens to the stories of other people and develops an emotional connection with them. Zed News was where she began her journalism career, and she later joined IBN7 (then channel 7). Recently, she launched the Zindagi with Richa her YouTube channel. With her hosting abilities, she is demonstrating that humanity is superior to all else. Along with that, she is listed among the top 10 female news anchors in India.

 4. Chitra Tripathi – Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

News anchor Chitra Tripathi is employed at Aaj Tak. She was born on May 11th, 1986 in Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh. Chitra is a graduate of Gorakhpur University with a degree in postgraduate studies in defence. She initially planned to join the army but ultimately decided to become an anchor. Indian journalist, producer, and playwright Chitra Tripathi works for the well-known Hindi news program Aaj Tak.

With the “Doordarshan Centre” in Gorakhpur, she began her professional career. She temporarily worked for a number of news organizations, including ETV, News 24, and India News. By anchoring programs like 2019 Kaun Jeetega, Kaun Banega Mukhiyamantri, Modi Ke 4 Saal, and the weekly show Press Conference, Chitra joined ABP News and quickly gained significant acclaim. She is currently employed by Aaj Tak, a Hindi news channel.

5. Mini Menon

Mini began her career as a news anchor for Star Network in 2003. She has covered both economic and political events. She is now renowned for addressing business-related themes. As a Journalist and anchor, Mini Menon has won awards. At Live History India, she presently serves as editor and co-founder.

On July 11, 1979, she was born in Jammu, India. At Live History India, Mini presently serves as editor and co-founder. All topics pertaining to India’s history are covered on her channel. Live History India offers every intriguing tale that makes up India. Previously, Mini Menon served as the executive editor of Bloomberg TV India, where she oversaw the news anchors and special programming.

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She was named one of the top 10 women in Indian marketing, advertising, and media in 2013 by Impact magazine and was referred to be a “popular face on Indian news television” by The Times of India. She is considered one of the top 10 female news anchors in India.

6. Nidhi RazdanTop 10 Female News Anchors in India

Nidhi Razdan is well-known in the newsroom for her work as a Senior Executive Editor and newsreader for NDTV 24×7 and one of the Top 10 Female News Anchors in India. She serves as the main anchor of NDTV’s Left, Right & Centre newscast. ‘Big Fight’ and Left, Right, and Centre are two of her discussion programs for which she is primarily recognized.

Many young women have been motivated to pursue journalism by her writing style. She had studied journalism at Delhi’s esteemed Indian Institute of Mass Communication. Maharaj Krishan Razdan, the former editor-in-chief of the news agency PTI, is the father of Nishi Razdan. Nidhi pursued post-graduation at the Indian Institute of Mass Communication in Delhi after receiving her undergraduate degree from the famed LSR College of Delhi University. Neelesh Mishra is the man she is wed to.

7. Barkha Dutt

One of the top 10 female news anchors of India television’s leading journalist, Barkha Dutt, has been a reporter and news anchor at NDTV and Tiranga TV.  Currently, she is running her own news channel on YouTube named Mojo Story and is also a columnist with Hindustan Times and The Washington Post.

In terms of her career, she has worked for NDTV for more than 21 years and received the Padma Shri award- India’s fourth highest civilian award for her contributions to Indian media. Her estimated net worth is about INR 10 crore and she is reported to get a monthly salary of Rs. 30 lakhs. She was born on December 18, 1971. She comes from a well-educated and prestigious family. Her mother Prabha Dutt was also a well-known journalist with The Hindustan Times.

8. Shaili Chopra-Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

Shaili is a business journalist and the creator of SheThePeopleTV. She earned a master’s degree in broadcast and television from The Asian College of Journalism in Chennai. NDTV, ETNOW, and CNBC, she has worked. She was awarded the 2012 Ramnath Goenka Excellence in Journalism Awards (RNG Awards). Shalini also writes and is an entrepreneur. She has a women-focused internet platform that focuses on their empowerment. That’s why she is one of the Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

9. Rubika Liyaqat

The new name, Rubika Liyaqat, gained an excessive reputation as an anchor in a short amount of time. She is from Rajasthan and has gained a lot of notoriety for arranging discussions. 2012 saw Rubika wed Naved Qureshi. She has a son and a daughter. In 2007, Rubika began her career as an anchor, working for renowned Indian news outlets News 24 and Zed News. She began anchoring the debate program Hoonkar in August 2018 after joining the ABP News Network.

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2019’s Lok Sabha Election included an interview with Narendra Modi by Rubika and Sumit Awasthi. On Twitter, she is followed by 4.5 million users and she is considered to be on the list of the top 10 female news anchors in India.

10. Neha Batham- Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

Indian news presenter and reporter Neha Bhatma. She is a senior special reporter with Aaj Tak. She is renowned for her blunt opinions and distinctive presenting manner for many news programs. Neha began her journalism career with Zed Business channel. N first worked as an anchor and reporter for Zed before switching to News 24.

She had a significant role on News 24’s business panel.  She briefly worked at B.A.G. Films and media limited after leaving News 24. She joined Aaj Tak as a newscaster in 2013. She has conducted interviews with a number of well-known individuals connected to prestigious institutions and organizations while serving as a business news presenter.

Conclusion-Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

Conclusion of its article related to Top 10 Female News Anchors in India. In conclusion, India’s media landscape has been enriched by a number of outstanding female news anchors who have contributed significantly to influencing public debate and providing the country with reliable information. The top 10 female news anchors in India profiled in this article are excellent examples of steadfast professionalism, journalistic integrity, and a dedication to in-depth, accurate reporting.

From their first endeavours to their most recent successes, these exceptional women have disproved preconceptions, torn through boundaries, and demonstrated their mettle in a predominately male-dominated industry.  There are Millions of viewers around the country who have come to trust and admire them for their sharp observations and sympathetic storytelling. Each anchor has tried to change the media landscape, not just because of their gender but because of their unwavering commitment and dedication to the work. They provide motivation for budding journalists and act as strong role models for all women.


FAQs Top 10 Female News Anchors in India


Q1. Who is the no.1 female news anchor in India?

A1. Anjana Om Kashyap


Q2. Who is the female anchor for Aaj Tak?

A2. Sweta Singh


Q3.What is the salary of Aaj Tak anchor?

A3. It ranges between Rs. 1.1 lakh to Rs. 50 lakhs with an annual salary of Rs. 18 lakhs.

 In this article, you learn all the things related to the Top 10 Female News Anchors in India

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