Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world

Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world

Today, people have extended railroad networks to almost every corner of the world, which allows us today to get to every corner of the globe quickly. But there are also some railway lines that have a stimulating effect. Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

These train journeys to high mountains or over steep passes are not for the faint of heart. It is undoubtedly beautiful and spectacular due to its panoramic views, but the thrills and excitement are only for adventure enthusiasts.

There are millions of railway lines in countries around the world, some of which are terrifying due to their dangerous locations. Some of these train journeys cross high mountain gorges and steep mountain passes and are definitely not for the faint of heart.

On the other hand, it can be beautiful and spectacular, not just panoramic views or majestic views and landscapes. Exciting and thrilling even for the adventurous. Here are the Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

Argo Gede Train Railroad

This is one of the tallest routes across the trestle bridges of the Chikultun Pylon. The most popular are the sheer cliffs far below the subtropical valley below.

Accidents have happened in the past.

In 2002, a serious train derailment occurred, but fortunately, no passengers were injured. It comes in number one of the Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

Bamboo Trains, Cambodia

Locals started using what they called bamboo railway lines because they used home-made carts that ran on separate tracks. Although dangerous, today most carts are fortified and used as tourist attractions.

Bamboo Trains in Cambodia were once started for locals but now become one of the  Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

Outeniqua Choo- Tjoe Train

The Outeniqua Choo Choo Train railway line was the last passenger train in continuous service in Africa. Operations ceased in 2009. This railway opened in 1928, linking the towns of George and Knysna Nestlé in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.

A South African-based company operates this route. In 1992 the railway was officially declared a preservation railway and carried about 40,000 passengers each year.

Ten years later, it carried over 1,15,000 passengers each year, 70% of which were foreign tourists. It was among those oldest tracks which came in the top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

Aso Minami Route

The Takamori Line is one of the most dangerous Japanese railway lines in Kumamoto Prefecture. It is the only railway line that runs between Minamiaso-Takamori Station and Tateno Station.

This row of trees is compared to the southern part of Mt Aso caldera. This line is mainly composed of two stations, “Minami Aso Mizu no Nareru Sato” station and “Shiramizu Kogen” station. Aso Miami route is also considered to be one of the Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

The Death Railway

It was founded by the Emperor of Japan in 1943 to assist troops in the Burma campaign of World War II. It was then abolished in 1947, but the section between Namtok and Nong Praduk was reopened in 1957, ten years later.

Forced labour was practised at construction sites. In addition, at least 18,000 Southeast Asian civilian workers have been dispatched. Like its name, the Death Railway is in one of the Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

Chennai Rameswaram Route

Pamban Bridge is one of the best railway bridges connecting the city of Rameshwaram with Pamban Bridge on the mainland. Construction began in 1914, it was India’s first sea bridge and of course the country’s longest sea bridge until the opening of the Bandrawali Sea Link in 2010.

This railway bridge is one of the most traditional bridges, resting on concrete piers, but in the middle, it has two lobes hinged together, raised to allow ships to pass. In 1988, the Ramban Bridge was the only land transportation link between Tamil Nadu’s Rameswaram Island and the mainland.

In 1988, a road bridge was built parallel to this railway bridge. Pamban Bridge connects National Highway 49 with Rameswaram Island. Now it has become one of the Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

On October 2, 1988, former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi inaugurated the bridge. It took about 14 years to complete and has a total length of 2.345 kilometres.

Tren A Las Nubes

The service operates on the current part of the Salta Antofagasta railway line, which connects northwestern Argentina with the Chilean border on an Andean railway over 4220 meters high. High above sea level, it is home to fifth fifth-highest railway network in the world. It is also famous and considered to be one of the Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

Railway lines were originally built for economic and social reasons.

Being a historic railway, it is now mostly of interest to tourists.

Inexpensive tickets are sold so that locals can use the train as a means of transportation.

Pilatus Railway, Top 10 dangerous railway track in the world

A decent liver is a must if you want to travel on the Pilatus railway line in Switzerland. There is a line where it breaks off. people have to get closer.

The railway route is at an altitude of 2,000 meters and passes through the most dangerous slopes. About 4.7 kilometres long, the train connects Mount Pilate to Alpanch province.

The train has to climb a steep climb of about 1600 meters on the way, which is the only reason people find the route dangerous. The train allows 32 passengers to write at the same time and be part of an adventurous journey.

Landwasser Viaduct

Located in Thailand, this railway connects a long Beam Bridge that winds through the narrow streets of the city. This allows trains to traverse the network all day long.

Visit this market in Thailand and you will be amazed to see people sitting on the platforms next to the shops selling their goods. Everyone receives their luggage as soon as the train arrives.

The market will recover once the train passes.

Merchants usually sell fruits, vegetables and fish on railroad tracks.

Thailand’s largest fish market along the railway line.


Beautiful landscapes, picturesque villages, majestic mountains, sparkling lakes and rivers, lush trees. Most of us enjoy rail travel because the journey is as beautiful as the destination.

There are many rail journeys around the world, and while they travel through beautiful and scenic landscapes, sometimes they miss their heartbeats because of dangerous routes. These were all the Top 10 dangerous railway tracks in the world.

Well, they go over mountains and valleys, over old bridges, through the middle of oceans, and even volcanoes

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