Top 10 bikes in India

top 10 bikes in India

Introduction: Top 10 bikes in India

Electric vehicle use has increased dramatically in India in recent years, and electric bikes have assumed a prominent role in this environmentally conscious revolution. An increasing number of Indians are choosing electric bikes as a sustainable and effective means of transportation as worries about pollution and the depletion of fossil fuels continue to rise. We explore green mobility in this post and provide a thoughtful assessment of the top 10 bikes in India that have dominated the market.

Electric bikes are changing how we get around, from crowded metropolitan streets to peaceful country lanes. These electric two-wheelers combine cutting-edge technology with stylish designs to provide great performance while also leaving smaller carbon footprints. Our selection of electric bikes covers a wide spectrum, catering to different tastes and requirements, whether it’s the urban commuter looking for convenience or the adventure fanatic yearning for thrilling trips.

We will examine the main characteristics, details, and distinguishing qualities of each electric bike throughout the article. The Indian electric bike industry in India offers an astounding variety of solutions that have attracted consumers’ curiosity across the country, from established manufacturers to up-and-coming innovators. The demand for these environmentally friendly alternatives is anticipated to increase even more as the government encourages electric transportation through incentives and infrastructure development.

Let us look at the top 10 electric bikes in India.

1. Revolt RV400:

The Revolt RV400 is one of the top 10 bikes in India, a ground-breaking electric bike that caught Indian customers’ attention with its cutting-edge features and outstanding performance. The Revolt Motors-introduced RV400 immediately became well-known for its distinctive look and advanced technologies. One of its distinguishing characteristics is the availability of a swappable battery, which enables customers to switch out a used battery for a fully charged one at certain charging stations. About electric cars, the usual worry about their short range is addressed here.

A competent electric motor that provides quick acceleration and a maximum speed appropriate for travelling in urban areas is included with the RV400. Riders may choose between maximizing range and experiencing thrilling performance thanks to the bike’s many riding modes, which include Eco and Sport. A touchscreen display is also included with the bike, showing crucial data like navigation, riding mode, and battery condition.

2. Ather 450X:

In India’s electric vehicle sector, the Ather 450X is another remarkable electric motorcycle that has attracted a lot of interest. The Ather 450X is an improved version of the Ather 450, which is produced by Ather Energy. The bike offers a sophisticated design and a variety of features that are meant to improve the overall riding experience.

The Ather 450X’s intelligent and connected features are one of its main selling points. The dashboard has a touchscreen that not only shows important data but also enables over-the-air upgrades, keeping the bike’s software current. By offering remote monitoring, real-time car diagnostics, and navigational aid, the Ather mobile app further improves the user experience.

The Ather 450X is a performance vehicle that is excellent for city travel, with quick acceleration and a respectable peak speed. A competitive range on a single charge is provided by its high-capacity battery pack, and the bike’s regenerative braking technology aids in maximizing energy efficiency.

3. Bajaj Chetak Electric:

The popular two-wheeled Chetak scooter, which dominated Indian roadways for decades, has been updated as the Bajaj Chetak Electric. Capitalizing on the rising need for green and effective transportation solutions, Bajaj Auto, one of India’s top two-wheeler manufacturers, revived the Chetak in its electric form.

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While integrating contemporary technology and sustainability, Chetak Electric keeps the traditional design elements that made the original Chetak so well-liked. Along with its svelte and sophisticated appearance, it also has an electric drivetrain that guarantees a quiet and comfortable ride. The scooter is outfitted with a lithium-ion battery pack that delivers a respectable range and can be charged using a regular home outlet.

The Bajaj Chetak Electric includes a digital instrument cluster, a linked smartphone app for services like navigation and vehicle diagnostics, as well as a variety of safety measures. It combines classic aesthetics with modern functionality in a seamless manner. By addressing both style and substance, it seeks to provide urban commuters with a comfortable and convenient journey.

4. TVS iQube Electric:

The TVS iQube Electric is a notable entrance into the Indian market for electric scooters. The iQube Electric, produced by TVS Motor Company, a major force in the nation’s two-wheeler market, is a prime example of TVS’s dedication to cutting-edge, sustainable transportation solutions.

Performance, aesthetics, and technology are all combined in the iQube Electric, which was created with urban commuting in mind. It has an electric motor that generates immediate torque and provides quick acceleration and a sporty ride. A scooter is a convenient option for daily travel because its lithium-ion battery pack is simple to charge at home or at public charging stations.

Modern elements like a digital touchscreen display that offers connectivity choices and critical information are among the highlights of the iQube Electric. To get navigation, vehicle health updates, and other features, riders may link their cell phones to the scooter. This fusion of cutting-edge technology with ecologically friendly mobility fits with the changing desires of people who care about the environment.

The iQube Electric, part of TVS’s commitment to sustainability, seeks to lessen urban pollution and congestion while offering a convenient and fashionable method of transportation. The TVS iQube Electric aims to carve out a position in the electric scooter market by appealing to those who value both performance and environmental friendliness with its modern styling and cutting-edge technology.

5. Hero Electric Optima:

The Hero Electric Optima stands out as an important entrance into the Indian electric vehicle industry and symbolizes the transition towards environmentally friendly and sustainable modes of transportation. The Optima blends practicality, efficiency, and cost and is primarily intended for urban transportation.

The Optima is the perfect vehicle for manoeuvring through busy streets and confined parking spots because of its sleek and small form, which merges easily into urban situations. Due to its electric drivetrain, it operates quietly and smoothly, reducing noise pollution. The lithium-ion battery pack that powers the Optima has a good range for short- to medium-distance travel on a single charge.

The Optima has several amenities that make it easy to operate, such as a computerized instrument cluster, comfy seats, and enough storage. Regenerative braking is a feature that extends the battery’s life by repurposing kinetic energy into stored energy.

In comparison to typical gasoline-powered automobiles, the Optima has low running expenses and few maintenance requirements because it is an electric vehicle. It helps lessen carbon emissions and the overall negative effects of travel on the environment.

6. Okinawa Praise Pro:

The Okinawa Praise Pro combines elegance, performance, and usefulness to advance the field of electric two-wheelers. The Praise Pro is a follow-up to the well-liked Okinawa Praise, improving and enhancing its functionality.

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With its sleek and modern design, the Praise Pro captures attention on the road. It has a powerful electric drivetrain that produces immediate torque and allows for quick acceleration and a comfortable ride. A high-capacity lithium-ion battery in the scooter offers a noteworthy range on a single charge, which is essential for everyday trips.

The Praise Pro’s cutting-edge digital console, which provides real-time statistics including speed, battery status, and route information, is one of its notable features. The scooter also has features like smartphone connectivity, remote keyless entry, and anti-theft alarms.

With features like a combi-braking system and tubeless tires for better control and stability, the Praise Pro places a strong focus on safety. With its ergonomic seats and generous under-seat storage, it provides a comfortable riding experience.

7. Ampere Magnus Hero Pro:

An impressive electric scooter with an emphasis on environmental responsibility is the Hero Ampere Magnus Pro. The Magnus Pro is an affordable electric car produced by Hero Electric, a significant player in the Indian electric vehicle sector.

The scooter is suited for short to medium journeys because of its lithium-ion battery pack, which offers a remarkable range on a single charge. It has roomy seats for the rider and pillion, as well as a storage compartment beneath the seat for extra convenience. The Magnus Pro has contemporary technologies, including regenerative braking, LED lighting, and a computerized instrument cluster to maximize energy economy.

The Hero Ampere Magnus Pro has a reduced maintenance cost compared to cars with conventional internal combustion engines, which is one of its primary benefits. The Magnus Pro offers lower long-term ownership costs due to the lack of frequent service of intricate engine components or the requirement for oil changes. In addition, the absence of tailpipe emissions helps to keep the environment cleaner and lower air pollution in cities.

8. First Emflux Model:

The Emflux Model One is an innovative electric motorbike with a focus on performance that was created to defy preconceived preconceptions about what an electric vehicle is capable of. This high-performance electric superbike promises to redefine how people view electric two-wheelers by fusing thrilling acceleration with cutting-edge technology.

The Model One’s strong electric drivetrain, hidden behind its svelte and aerodynamic body, allows it to reach speeds of 100 km/h (62 mph) in only a few seconds, rivalling those of conventionally powered superbikes. Riders may enjoy lengthy trips without having to stop frequently for recharging thanks to its cutting-edge battery technology, which has a significant range.

The Emflux Model One also doesn’t skimp on features. It has a broad range of electronics that improve both performance and efficiency, including riding modes, traction control, and regenerative braking. Riders may access real-time information and simple controls on a smart touchscreen display.

The Emflux Model One is known for its performance, but it also represents sustainability. The Model One contributes to a cleaner and greener future for both enthusiasts and the environment by embracing electric power and reducing the carbon footprint associated with high-performance riding.

9. Joy e-bike Monster

Joy Electric Bike A significant competitor in the Indian electric bike industry, Monster combines cost, usability, and environmental friendliness. The Monster seeks to offer a useful and effective substitute for typical gasoline-powered two-wheelers, with an emphasis on urban transportation.

The Monster has a sleek, contemporary style that appeals to youthful, ecologically aware riders. It has a lithium-ion battery pack that drives an electric motor, resulting in a quiet and comfortable ride. The bike has several riding modes that let riders customize the performance to suit their requirements, from effective cruising to rapid acceleration.

The Joy e-bike Monster’s range is one of its main selling factors. It is ideal for regular city commuting demands thanks to developments in battery technology, which also guarantees a respectable range on a single charge. Additionally, its affordability makes it a desirable option for riders on a tight budget thanks to its minimal operational and maintenance expenditures.

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10. PURE EV EPluto 7G:

The flagship electric scooter, the PURE EV EPluto 7G, represents the advancement of electric mobility in India. The EPluto 7G was designed to solve issues with pollution and fuel consumption in urban settings. It was created with innovation and sustainability in mind.

A powerful lithium-ion battery system and a productive electric motor are at the core of the EPluto 7G. With this setup, strong acceleration and a peak speed appropriate for commuting in cities are promised. Regenerative braking, which increases battery efficiency and adds to a longer range, is one of the characteristics that make the scooter user-friendly.

Rider convenience is a top priority for the EPluto 7G. It is furnished with a digital display panel that shows crucial details like battery life and riding modes. Even on lengthy trips, enjoying the ride is made possible by the ergonomic design and plush seats of the scooter.

Another top focus is safety, as seen by components such as rapid braking systems and anti-theft measures. The EPluto 7G offers itself as an ecologically responsible option that supports India’s drive towards greener transport choices by pledging to reduce carbon emissions.


In conclusion, the rapidly developing Indian market for electric bikes has seen remarkable development, and the top 10 electric bikes in India have proven their ability to influence urban transportation in the future. In addition to revolutionizing how we commute, these electric wonders have made a substantial contribution to lowering environmental impact.

Each electric bike provides a special combination of creativity, efficiency, and convenience, from the svelte forms of the Revolt RV400 and Ather 450X to the utilitarian appeal of the Hero Electric Optima and Okinawa Praise Pro. The variety of electric top 10 bikes in India on this list accommodates a wide range of consumer preferences, demonstrating the industry’s dedication to satisfying a wide range of expectations.

The adoption of electric motorcycles is a possible answer as India works to reduce its reliance on fossil fuels and air pollution. The top 10 electric bikes in India are excellent examples of recent developments in battery technology, range, and charging infrastructure. These bikes are not simply a craze but a sustainable way of life, thanks to government measures and incentives that support electric transportation.

Electric bikes are an appealing option despite having a larger initial investment than conventional gasoline-powered bikes due to their long-term advantages, which include lower running costs and a cleaner environment. More fascinating developments are anticipated to appear as the Indian electric bike industry develops and grows, further establishing the leadership positions of these top 10 contestants in the field of electric two-wheelers.

FAQs related to the top 10 electric bikes in India

Q1: What are India’s top ten electric bikes?

A1: Models from companies including Revolt, Ather, Bajaj, TVS, and Hero Electric are represented among the top 10 electric bikes in India.

Q2: Are electric motorcycles green in India?

A2: Electric bikes do have zero tailpipe emissions, which makes them environmentally beneficial and helps to keep the air pure.

Q3: How much distance can an electric bike ride on one charge?

A3: Electric motorcycles’ range varies, but the best models may go up to 150 km on a single charge.

Q4: In India, are there any government incentives for purchasing electric bikes?

A4: To encourage clean transportation, the Indian government does indeed provide incentives and subsidies for buyers of electric vehicles, including electric bike customers.

Q5: How long does it take to charge an electric bike in India?

A5: Depending on the battery size and charger being used, the charging period for electric bikes normally takes between three and six hours.

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