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Shruti Ulfat

What Shruti Ulfat said? 

In the TV showYeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai,” actress Shruti Ulfat, who plays Vidya Poddar, has come forward with the support of Rajan Shahi. She said that Rajan Shahi (the show’s producer) did the right thing by replacing Armaan played by Shahzad Dhami and Pratiksha played by Ruhii. Not only that, Shruti openly talked about the actions taken by Shahzad and Pratiksha on the set. 

Shruti Ulfat, in an interview with Pinkvilla, said, “I think it was right to remove Shahzad and Pratiksha. This decision was taken in favour of the entire unit. Let me tell you, Rajan is a very calm person. He gave both of them several chances, but things didn’t improve. When things went overboard, that’s when he made this decision. Now, this decision of his will be a lesson for all those actors who take things lightly.” 

Shruti Ulfat further revealed that Shahzad and Pratiksha used to stay apart from each other on the set and didn’t mingle with others. Shruti Ulfat said, “Apart from these two, I have been connected with everyone on the set. This is because they couldn’t gel well with the other actors. Yes, we used to talk and share happiness, but they couldn’t connect that well. During lunch breaks, almost all the actors used to eat together except Shahzad and Pratiksha.” 

Shahzad’s behaviour has been like this from the beginning 

Shruti Ulfat said, “Shahzad’s behaviour has been a problem from the beginning. Due to Shahzad, there were some incidents and accidents on the set as well. I think actors should understand that they are not above the show. You can be the face of the show and your posters can be put up all over the city, but all of this is because of the show.” 

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In short 

In summary, Shruti Ulfat revealed that Shahzad and Pratiksha kept to themselves on set, not interacting much with others. She mentioned that while she connected well with everyone else, Shahzad and Pratiksha couldn’t blend in. Shruti Ulfat also pointed out that Shahzad’s behaviour had been an issue from the start, leading to incidents on the set. She emphasized that actors should understand their role within the show, even if they are the face of it, as everything revolves around the production. 

Yeh Rishta kya kehlata hai  

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai is sometimes referred to as an initialism YRKKH is a heartwarming family-oriented series broadcast in Indian Hindi that can be seen on StarPlus and streamed onDisney+ Hotstar. As of January 12, 2009, it has been the longest-running Indian network soap drama. 

The television program’s filming got underway on September 11, 2008. Within Jaipur, Rajasthan, at Rambagh Palace, this was introduced. StarPlus and Jagran Solutions sponsored an initiative in January 2009 to advertise the television series in six major cities. Over a thousand married couples participated in sweepstakes across the nation, and fifty of those winners were chosen through activities including radio on-air tests and quizzes. They were forced to be married again while participating in the competition and festivities hosted at Rambagh Palace.

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