Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples and things to do in Bihar

Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples

Introduction: Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples

This article deals with some of the best places to visit in Bihar for couples. The “land of enlightenment,” Bihar, is not only a historical and cultural mecca but also a romantic refuge for couples looking for an unforgettable vacation. Bihar provides a wide range of enthralling locations for couples to travel to and make enduring memories with each other because of its tranquil natural landscapes, architectural wonders, and vibrant local culture.

Here are some of the most romantic spots in Bihar that will win the hearts of couples, from historic temples to picturesque lakes. Bihar is a hidden gem for couples looking for a distinctive and romantic experience because of its historical grandeur, spiritual purity, and natural beauty. So choose a partner, join hands, and prepare to set off on a romantic excursion around the lovely state of Bihar.

1. Nalanda –Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples

the Ancient Ruins of Love. Couples seeking a combination of history and tranquillity can consider visiting Nalanda, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Couples may stroll hand in hand through the historic remains of Nalanda University, a renowned centre of study, against a mesmerizing landscape. With its ruined temples, monasteries, and libraries, the enormous complex provides a window into the rich intellectual and cultural history of ancient India.

Couples may meander among the serene remains while reflecting on the intellectual talks and arguments that previously took place within these revered walls and count this as one of the best Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples. A tranquil atmosphere is created by the lush green surrounds, which is ideal for private times of fellowship and introspection. A rich assortment of artefacts, sculptures, and texts that were uncovered at the site are also on display in the Nalanda Archaeological Museum.

While enjoying the ancient artefacts on display, couples may immerse themselves in Nalanda’s rich history. Couples seeking to explore history, be in awe of the incredible architecture, and take in the peace of a bygone age can consider visiting Nalanda. In addition to enjoying the beauty and cultural significance of this historic location, it is a place where lovers may make priceless memories.

2. Rajgir

The Calm Refuge. For couples looking for a romantic break, Rajgir, a tranquil resort tucked away in Bihar’s hills, is the ideal location. This charming village provides a unique fusion of scenic beauty, historical significance, and spiritual allure. Couples may enjoy a romantic sunset together at the world-famous Vishwa Shanti Stupa, which is perched atop Ratnagiri Hill and offers a stunning view of the surrounding area. In addition, Rajgir is well known for its hot springs, Brahma Kund and Saptarshi Kund, which are thought to have medicinal qualities.

Couples may enjoy a tranquil soak in these hot springs while being surrounded by beautiful vegetation and this makes Rajgir in the list of places to visit in Bihar for couples. Couples seeking a touch of spirituality might visit Griddhakuta Hill, also known as Vulture’s Peak, the site of several lectures delivered by Lord Buddha. With 360-degree views of the town and its surroundings, the journey up the ropeway is a remarkable experience. Rajgir provides an ideal place for couples to meet, unwind, and make wonderful memories together because of its peaceful atmosphere, picturesque vistas, and historical significance.

3. Patna – Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples

The Riverfront Romance. The dynamic city of Patna, which is the capital of Bihar, is a great spot for couples to explore since it has a good mix of both modern and ancient attractions. At Gandhi Ghat, couples may enjoy a leisurely boat ride on the calm waters of the Ganges River and take in the romantic environment, which is where you can appreciate the city’s riverside beauty to its fullest. A window into the rich history and culture of the area is offered by the Patna Museum, which is home to a vast collection of antiquities.

An ideal location for couples to enjoy a romantic sunset is Golghar, a grand granary that dates back to the 18th century and gives panoramic views of the city. A quiet setting for couples to seek blessings and discover inner peace together is offered by the Patna Sahib Gurudwara, a revered Sikh temple, for those seeking spiritual comfort. Couples may have a unique and unforgettable experience in Patna since it is a city where spirituality, history, and contemporary attractions all come together.

4. Bodh Gaya

A Spiritual Rebirth for Couples. The spiritual mecca of Bodh Gaya, which is located in Bihar, draws couples looking for a deep connection and inner calm. Gautama Buddha is known for having obtained enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree in this city. Couples may start on a spiritual journey together in the soothing environment provided by the beautiful Mahabodhi Temple, which rises tall and exudes a calming atmosphere.

They are able to meditate beneath the revered Bodhi Tree, take in the soft chanting and the aroma of incense filling the air, and experience the tranquillity that permeates the area. Couples can contemplate, connect, and find comfort in one other’s company amid the tranquil grounds that surround the temple. Bodh Gaya is the perfect location for couples looking for a spiritual awakening since it is not simply a site of religious significance but also a symbol of the strength of love, serenity, and self-discovery which makes it among one of the places to visit in Bihar for couples.

5. Vaishali – Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples

Love among Historical Glamour. Couples seeking a combination of historical splendour and natural beauty can consider visiting the medieval city of Vaishali in the Indian state of Bihar. Vaishali provides a romantic trip through time and is steeped in a rich tradition. With its elaborate carvings, the famous Ashoka Pillar serves as a reminder of the city’s illustrious history.

Couples may tour the old city’s ruins and envision the thriving life that once flourished behind its walls. Couples may unwind and enjoy each other’s company in a tranquil setting at the Vishwa Shanti Stupa, which is surrounded by lush vegetation. For couples searching for inner serenity, the serene Buddha Stupa, a significant pilgrimage site, offers a place of spiritual solace. So this place is popular as one of the best Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples.

A trip to the archaeological museum, where artefacts and relics from ancient periods are shown, is necessary to learn more about Vaishali’s past. Couples may expect a memorable encounter that is full of love and amazement at Vaishali because of its historical grandeur and serene surroundings.

6. Madhubani – Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples

A Romantic Work of Art. For couples looking for a creative and romantic experience, Madhubani, a town in Bihar famous for its magnificent Mithila paintings, is the ideal location and it is one of the best Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples. Couples may stroll hand in hand through the colourful alleyways of Madhubani, which are decorated with vivid paintings and beautiful artwork.

Couples may explore the town and become fully immersed in the vibrant creative culture; they can even take part in classes to study the traditional art form together, making lovely memories in the process. Another beautiful place to visit that offers a tranquil and spiritual atmosphere is the Shree Ugratara Temple in Madhubani.

Couples can find comfort and develop stronger connections in the temple’s serene settings and beautiful construction. In addition, the Saurath Sabha, famous for the traditional marriage ritual known as the “Saurath Sabha Vivah,” is a singular attraction that highlights the region’s rich cultural legacy. Couples may express their talents and have a great time together in Madhubani because of its artistic appeal and cultural history and make conversation about Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples.


Here were some of the most renowned places to visit in Bihar for couples. Couples have a variety of options to go on amazing romantic journeys in Bihar because of its rich historical legacy and natural beauty. Every place visitors go in Bihar exposes a different side of its charm, from the vibrant cultural life of Patna to the age-old ruins of Nalanda and Rajgir.

Couples seeking peace and privacy will find the ideal setting in the quiet natural retreats like Kakolat Waterfall and Valmiki National Park. Couples may also strengthen their bond while immersing themselves in age-old spiritual practices by partaking in the spiritual experiences at Bodh Gaya and Vaishali.

Bihar has plenty to offer everyone, whether they are history buffs, nature lovers, or want to experience a spiritual awakening. To make memories that will last a lifetime as you begin your romantic adventure across Bihar, keep in mind to savour each and every moment. As you and your partner discover the hidden treasures of this wonderful state together, let Bihar’s natural beauty mesmerize you both. Open-handedly welcoming you, Bihar is prepared to work its charm and give infatuated lovers an experience they won’t soon forget.

FAQs – Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples

Q1. What are some couples-friendly destinations in Bihar?

A1. Bodh Gaya, Rajgir, Madhubani


Q2.Can you recommend any romantic hill towns in Bihar?

A2. Rajgir.


Q3.What regional specialities should couples explore in Bihar?

A3. Bihar is renowned for its delectable food. Try traditional fare like litti-chokha, sattu paratha, khaja, postal-dana kheer, malpua, and the renowned Bihari thali, which is a spread of delectable delicacies, as a pair.

Embarking on a Journey of Love and Exploration, Places to Visit in Bihar for Couples.

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