Mahesh Bhatt penned a birthday note to her daughter Pooja Bhatt.  

mahesh bhatt and pooja bhatt

Pooja Bhatt birthday  

Pooja Bhatt, an Indian actor and director, turned 52 lately. She became well-known after making her Bollywood screen debut in the movie Dil Hai Ke Maanta Nahi. The actress was spotted in Bigg Boss OTT 2 earlier. Raha Kapoor, the child of Alia Bhatt’s husband Ranbir Kapoor. She was referenced in a lengthy birthday message that Pooja Bhatt posted a while back, penned by her producer dad Mahesh Bhatt. 

Mahesh Bhatt’s lengthy birthday note to Pooja Bhatt is shared. 

A while back on February 25, The actress Pooja Bhatt posted a photo of herself and her dad Mahesh Bhatt on Instagram. And along with a lengthy birthday message from her father. 

The long note reads, “Note from my father- Pooja, I tread softly through the dimly lit corridors of Ganatra Maternity Hospital, the sunlight casting a surreal glow. As I approach the glass door, my eyes fix on you, nestled in a crib beside another infant. At that moment, I’m struck by your chubby cheeks, flushed with anger – a tiny rebel protesting your abrupt departure from the realm of divinity into this harsh reality. Since then, you’ve journeyed through life, stumbling, rising and ultimately finding your footing in a way only you could.” 

Explaining how she has a resemblance to Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor’s daughter Raha Kapoor, the note further reads, “Each season of your life has sculpted you into the person you are today, yet the river of existence flows endlessly. I often find myself marvelling at your resemblance to our darling Raha-both brimming with innocence & an insatiable thirst for life. Happy birthday, my dear child.” 

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He further added, “As you navigate the depths of life’s ocean, it will both enchant and bewilder you. Your task is to seek your truth relentlessly, yet never fully grasp it. For the day you do, you cease to truly live. I’m grateful you continue to search, for in that pursuit lies the essence of being alive. With all my love, Papa.”  

For those who are unaware, Mahesh Bhatt with his first marriage Kiran Bhatt gave birth to Pooja Bhatt. However, Mahesh Bhatt & his second spouse Soni Razdan are the parents of Alia and Shaheen Bhatt.  

Raha Kapoor  

Raha Kapoor is the daughter of the Bollywood couple that is Ranbir Kapoor and Alia Bhatt.  Alia Bhatt is the sister of Pooja Bhatt and daughter of Mahesh Bhatt. Raha Kapoor is the most adorable child. The reactions of fans are truly amazing. She is cute and her first appearance is during the Christmas celebration.  After which fans are getting crazy after her cute facial expression.   

Aashi jain

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