Improve blogging with the10 best WordPress Plugins for Bloggers Every website needs

Improve Blogging with the 10 Best WordPress Plugins

We are here to guide you on how to improve blogging with the 10 best WordPress plugins for building blogs and websites on the Internet, WordPress is the most popular option because it enhances your blog and website.

Without any experience in coding or programming languages, you may construct a professional website or blog using WordPress’ many free Plugins and Themes.
Today, we’re going to inform you about the top 10 WordPress Plugins that can be useful to you. Blogs and blogging are improved.
As there are thousands of free plugins available in WordPress, the question of whether to install one after setting up your blog arises. As a result, we’re going to tell you about the top 10 WordPress plugins that will benefit you.

1) Jetpack by WordPress from

Improve Blogging with the 10 Best WordPress Plugins

Jetpack is a WordPress plugin that provides you with many features because it does the work of 4-5 plugins alone, so if you want to install at least one WordPress plugin, then you should use Jetpack.

Jetpack is very widely used and is used by more than 5 million people. jetpack provides many features for which you may have to use many plugins, but here you get them in a single plugin. With the help of Jetpack, you can improve backup, analytics, social share buttons, etc.
You will get both a free and a paid jetpack. But according to me, it is better to take the free version WordPress plugin because many features are available for free as well. However, if you want to spend some money, a paid plug-in could be used. With the help of the paid plugin, you can make your Blog strong. It’s the best WordPress free plugin out of 10.

Jetpack plugin by WordPress

Jetpack provides many features to secure your site

⦁ This speeds up the loading of your website.

⦁ Tracked the details of the traffic coming to the website.

⦁ With the help of this free WordPress plugin, support will be provided in marketing, securing, and designing.

⦁ With the help of this, you can generate the sitemap of your website.

2) Akismet Anti-Spam

This is one of the beneficial best WordPress plugins out of 10 because it prevents spam comments from coming on your blog; with the help of this, you get help publishing only those comments on the blog that are not spam comments.
Today, everyone comments on others’ blogs to create backlinks for their blog, so with the help of this plugin you can stop automatically generated spam comments. They are considering that such spam comments harm your blog.
If you are a blogger then this plugin will be very helpful for you. You can acquire both paid and free things.


Some features of this plugin as below

⦁ If anyone is adding a link to your comment, then you can see their preview without clicking on that link.

⦁ Its software automatically filters all comments that arrive on your website.

⦁ You can see the full details of your total blocked comments on the WordPress dashboard.

3) Yoast SEO-

Improve Blogging with the 10 Best WordPress Plugins


Yoast SEO is the top 10 best WordPress plugins to do search engine optimization for your blog; it improves the on-page Page Seo of your blog, which makes it easy to rank the post.

You can easily do SEO on your every post, just you have to follow the methods mentioned. You can also easily do SEO on the blog by installing Yoast SEO, so after installing WordPress, first, install this plugin.

Yoast SEO plugin

Yoast SEO helps you move from basic to advanced WordPress. We can optimize each page individually. SEO plays a big role in the success of any blog or website. Yoast SEO optimizes the ON page extremely well. And good thing is that it is a free word press plugin out of 10 plugins.

Some Yoast SEO techniques

⦁ You can focus on your main keyword.

⦁ Control and concentrate keywords within the post.

⦁ Manage internal and external links for every post.

4) UpdraftPlus

Improve Blogging with the 10 Best WordPress Plugins

WordPress Backup Plugin

The data of our website is with the hosting company, and sometimes there is a fear of losing the data of the website due to many incidents like website hacks, so you can use this WordPress plugin which is top 10 best plugins for WordPress, to take a backup of the website.
Because it has been taking backups of your website automatically on a regular basis, allowing you to easily recover your website in the event of a problem.

UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin
UpdraftPlus WordPress Backup Plugin

This plugin takes a backup from our database, which we can restore later. If we have taken a backup and our data gets lost later, then there is nothing to worry about.
We can get it restored and our blog will be as before.

5) Smush

With the help of this WordPress plugin, all the images on your website may be made smaller without sacrificing quality. Because the image takes time to load, which reduces the speed of your website, you should use this plugin because it’s completely free and top 10 best WordPress plugins.

Smush plugin
Smush plugin

Do not use any other tool for your image; rather optimize the image with this tool. If the loading speed decreases, then the bounce rate of the website will increase and the ranking will go down. That is why it is very important to have these top 10 best plugins on the website.

6) Elementor

elementor plugin

You may create any design you desire for your website using the best and top 10 free WordPress plugins i.e. the Elementor plugin. You can build a website using Elementor if you don’t know much about WordPress and don’t know how to design one; you can pick any design after learning Elementor rapidly.

⦁ Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder plugin, from which you can create the page of your choice.

⦁ Elementor has 500+ Pre Build Templates that you can import.

⦁ You can add or remove anything from anywhere on the page with Elementor.

⦁ By using Elementor, you can avoid spending a fortune on WordPress themes.

7) Contact Form 7

Every blog has a Contact Us page, and if you use WordPress, the Contact Form 7 plugin makes it simple to make a Contact Form for your blog.
You may also use this to construct a contact form because it is a top 10 best WordPress plugin and free of cost. Nowadays more than 5 million people use this.

8) WooCommerce

Today, online shopping website is quite dominant on the Internet, but if you use WordPress, you can create your E-Commerce website with the help of WooCommerce Plugging, which is the top 10 best WordPress plugins.
With its various features, you may use WordPress to build an e-commerce website. If you want to build an online store, utilize this plugin.              

9) Google Analytics Dashboard

You don’t need to have a Google Analytics account to use this top 10 best WordPress plugin to access your website’s analytics report. It works to display all the analytics reports related to your website on your WordPress dashboard and includes data on website traffic, referral traffic, direct traffic, real-time traffic, traffic sources, and more. 

10) Rank Math

If you are a blogger, then you must be aware of how important SEO is to be successful in blogging.
A WordPress blogger uses some SEO plugins to make his Blog Post SEO friendly. 
Rank Math SEO is a WordPress SEO Plugin with the help of which you can easily optimize your blog post.
The rank math plugin provides you with dozens of features. This makes your Blog Post SEO friendly. It tells you whether you have done your on-page SEO correctly or not.


⦁ The rank math plugin provides you with dozens of features.

⦁ Blog Post SEO friendly. It tells you whether you have done your On-Page SEO properly or not.

⦁ By using all the above top 10 best and free plugins of WordPress, you can make your blog fantastic.

From above we can improve blogging with the 10 best WordPress plugins





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