From Heart to Harmonies: Unveiling the Magic of Palak Muchhal Songs


Palak Muchhal, a name that reverberates with the soulful whistle of Bollywood, has carved her job in persistence with her enticing voice and emotive performances. From romantic jingles to energetic figures, her songs have captured the hearts of millions across the world. In this article, we claw into the enticing songs world of Palak Muchhal, presenting an extensive list of her memorable songs that have left a significant mark on the listeners’ hearts.

We all enjoy harkening to music since it stimulates our minds, whether it be gemstone or slow, silent music. When we hear to our favourite songster’s lyrical voice, the songs of Palak Muchhal become more charming to us.

Through their voice, a songster from any area of the world or any music assiduity reaches the hearts of millions of people. In this post, we will bandy Palak Muchhal, playback songs and the voice from the Bollywood assiduity. She was born on March 30th, 1992, in Madhya Pradesh and is a talented playback songster and lyrist from Indore.

Education and Detail Background

  • Palak Muchhal belongs to a Maheshwari Marwari family and has completed her training from Shree Agrasen Vidyalaya and further done her scale in B. Com degree in Indore itself.
  • Her father is Rajkumar Muchhal, who works for a private establishment, and her mama is Amita Muchhal, who works as a partner.
  • Palak Muchhal also has one youngish family, whose name is Palash Muchhal, and the brace of both family and family singing together has captured the hearts of songs suckers.
  • In her art and singing, Palak Muchhal is protean and talented. Palak Muchhal not only sings songs for a living now, but she also appeared on TV in 2010.
  • She made her theatrical film debut as a supporting part in the action-drama film’ Khelein Hum JeeJaanSey,’ contrary to Abhishek Bachchan and Deepika Padukone.
  • She hasn’t been in any television show since also. Rather, she has preliminarily judged music competitions similar as’ The Voice India kiddies.’

Musical Career: Palak Muchhal Songs list

Palak dislocated from Indore to Mumbai in 2006 in order to pursue her career as a songster in Bollywood. She had a strong desire to be a playback songster since she was a child and had published six non-film records during her nonage and nonage.

She had preliminarily released her first reader,’ Child for Children,’ through Tips Music, in 2001 when she was nine times old. Her alternate reader,’ Palken,’ was released in 2003, and Palak Muchhal progressed to release further of her songs in this manner, like’ DilkeLiye’ and’ AaoTumhe Chand per Le Jaaye’. In 2011, T- Series published her religious spiritual song record’ Jai Jai Dev Ganesh.’

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Eventually, she sang her first Bollywood song in the film’ Damadamm,’ which was released in 2011 and earned a lot of great feedback. In the same time, she recorded her alternate song,’ PyaarKeSilsile,’ for the film’ Na JaaneKabse.’

Salman Khan Support for Palak Muchhal Songs

Still, both the film and the soundtrack garnered negative feedback. PalakMuchhalMuchhal knew Salman Khan, the Bollywood star whom she met in Mumbai. Khan had preliminarily proposed her name to Sajid- Wajid, who were the music melodists of his movie, Veer. He’d also suggested her name to the Yash Raj products.

The recommendation was followed by Muchhal uniting with KK on the track” Laapata” for the Yash Raj marker, which was featured in the 2012 megahit film EkTha Tiger. Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif starred in the musical track. The song was a huge smash for the time, and through it, she got exposed to Hindi Music Industry.

In the same time, in 2012, she performed the song” Nainon Ne Nainon Se” for the film From Sydney with Love, which entered positive feedback. In early 2013, Palak Muchhal delivered two songs for music melodists, Mithoon and Jeet Gannguli who created the music for the film Aashiqui 2.

Aashiqui 2 songs

The reader for Aashiqui 2 entered critical sun, and her song” Chahun Main Yaa Na” came her coming big success following EkTha Tiger’s’ Laapata’ getting her defining debut in the Hindi music assiduity. Palak Muchhal also sang the Bengali track” Tui Borsha Bikeler Dheu” for the Bengali film Rocky, which was released in April 2013.

Palak Muchhal sang colorful songs composed by HimeshReshammiya after doing her sanctioned entry into the Hindi Music Industry. She teamed with Mika Singh on Reshammiya’s composition” Jumme Ki Raat” in 2014, which ended up getting the time’s biggest megahit.

Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Songs

She latterly sang another interpretation of the song where Salman Khan advanced his voice. She also starred as the main voice in Salman Khan’s 2015 drama Prem Ratan Dhan Payo. In 2016, she contributed her lyrics to AmaalMallik’s composition” Kaun Tujhe” from M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, which was one of the time’s top womanish tracks.

Reshammiya, Gannguli, Mithoon, and AmaalMallik composed the maturity of her tracks so far. In 2018, her Kannada single” EnammiEnammi” alongside Vijay Prakash was a great megahit. Muchhal gives credit to Salman Khan for giving her an important- demanded break in the Hindi music assiduity. She thinks that if Salman Khan hadn’t proposed her name, her career as a playback songster in the assiduity would have been laid over and lower flawless than it was.

  • “Laapata” EkThaTiger (2012)

Palak Muchhal’s joint work with KK in the song” Laapata” from the movie Ek Tha Tiger fascinated the audience with its expressive air and pathetic lyrics. Her soulful rendition impeccably rounded the romantic substance of the track, making it a dateless favourite among music suckers.

  • “MeriAashiqui” Aashiqui 2(2013)
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In the musical blockbuster Aashiqui 2, Palak Muchhal joint work with Arijit Singh to deliver the heart- breaking songs” MeriAashiqui.” Her satiny voice invested the song with raw feelings, eliciting a sense of craving and passion that struck a passion with listeners worldwide.

  • “KaunTujhe”M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story (2016)

PalakMuchhal’s prosecution of” Kaun Tujhe” for the biographical film M.S. Dhoni. The Untold Story attractively captured the matter of one- sided love. With her musical lyrics, she brought alive the passions of hungering and relish, making it one of the name tracks of the movie’s soundtrack.

  • “PremRatanDhanPayo” PremRatanDhanPayo( 2015)

The title track of the movie Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, sung by Palak Muchhal with Aman Trikha, showcased her creativity as a singer. Her godly voice added a heavenly touch to the song, which bled quality and nobility, befitting the royal narrative of the film.

  • “TeriMeriKahaani” Gabbar is Back (2015)

PalakMuchhal’s common work with Arijit Singh in” Teri MeriKahaani” for the movie Gabbar is Back struck a passion with listeners with its soul- stirring air and sincere lyrics. Her emotive rendition beautifully depicted the matter of eternal love, making it a poignant addition to the film’s soundtrack.

  • “Premika” Dilwale (2015)

In the romantic comedy Dilwale, PalakMuchhal advanced her voice to the peppy track” Premika” alongside Benny Dayal. Her vivacious lyrics invested the song with energy and enthusiasm, making it a moment hit among suckers of upbeat Bollywood figures.

  • “Chahun Main YaNaa” Aashiqui 2(2013)

PalakMuchhal’s duet with Arijit Singh in” Chahun Main YaNaa” from Aashiqui 2 came a hymn for love, reverberating with listeners across generations. Her soft yet important lyrics conveyed the complications of love and craving, making it one of the most cherished tracks of the film.

  • “DekhaHazaroDafaa” Rustom( 2016) For the movie Rustom,

PalakMuchhal banded with Arijit Singh to deliver the soulful track” DekhaHazaroDafaa.” Her dulcet voice blended seamlessly with Singh’s, creating a mesmerizing musical experience that charmed cult and earned wide sun.

  • “Naino Ne Baandhi” Gold (2018)

PalakMuchhal’s rendition of” Naino Ne Baandhi” for the literal sports drama Gold struck a passion with listeners with its soul- stirring air and poignant lyrics. Her emotive lyrics beautifully conveyed the feelings of love and craving, making it a name track of the film’s soundtrack.

10.” Jumme Ki Raat” Kick (2014)

In the Salman Khan starrer Kick, PalakMuchhal banded with Mika Singh to deliver the stimulating track” Jumme Ki Raat.” Her dynamic lyrics invested the song with energy and enthusiasm, making it a chartbuster that dominated the music maps upon its release.

Palak Muchhal Songs List: Career Timeline

YearSong Name
2012Nainon Ne Nainon Se
2013Chaahun Main YaNaa
2013ChuraKe Le Ja
2013Aankhon Hi Aankhon Ne(Duet Version)
2013Aankhon Hi Aankhon Ne(Female Version)
2014Karle Pyaar Karle
2014Teri Saanson Mein
2014Tu Hi Hai Aashiqui(Duet Version)
2014Ice Cream Khaungi
2014PiyaKe Bazaar
2014Khol De Dil Ki Khidki
2014Jumme Ki Raat
2014Jumme Ki Raat(Version 2)
2015Tumse Mil Ke
2015Rab se Maangi
2015Teri MeriKahaani
2015O Khuda
2015Baatein Ye Kabhi Na(Female Version)
2015Teri Khushboo(Female Version)
2015Panchhi Bole
2015Pushpa Koi ViksitHuya
2015Pyaar Hua Jab Tujhse(Female Version)
2015Bomb Kudi
2015Bomb Kudi(Featuring LabhJanjua)
2015Jab Tum Chaho
2015AajUnseKehna Hai
2016Sanam Teri Kasam
2016Sanam Teri Kasam(Reprise Version)
2016Ishq Forever
2016BilkulSocha Na Tha
2016Hua HainAajPehliBaar
2016Ab Tu Hi Tu
2016TereNaina Mere Naino Se
2016Kabir Most Wanted Munda
2016KehBhi De
2016Door Na Jaa
2016JeenaMarna(Female Version)
2016HummeinTummein Jo Tha
2017ZindagiBana Loon
2017All Songs
2017Bepanhaa Tum KoChahe
2018Ajoobako Salaam
2018Yaad Hai
2018Ek Do Teen(Film Version)
2018Do Pal PyarKe
2018You Are My Life
2019Jab Se MeraDil
2019Main Hu TeraTera
2019Pal PalDilKePaas
2020Mann Ki Dori(Female)
2022KabhiiTumhhe (Female)


PalakMuchhal’s trip in the realm of Bollywood music has been nothing short of remarkable. With her mesmerizing voice and emotive renditions, she has sculpted a niche for herself in the assiduity, earning accolades and adoration from suckers worldwide. From soulful ditties to peppy figures, her songs have reverberated with listeners, leaving an unforgettable mark on their hearts. As we conclude our disquisition of her outstanding discography, it’s apparent that PalakMuchhal’s music will continue to enchant and inspire generations to come.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Palak Muchhal Songs List

Q. Who’s Palak Muchhal?

A.Palak Muchhal is a famed Indian playback songster known for her soulful renditions in Bollywood flicks. She gained elevation for her melodious voice and emotional performances.

Q. What are some of Palak Muchhal popular songs?

A. Some of Palak Muchhal popular songs include” Laapata” from EkTha Tiger,” MeriAashiqui” from Aashiqui 2,” KaunTujhe” fromM.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story,” PremRatanDhanPayo” from PremRatanDhanPayo, and” Chahun Main YaNaa” from Aashiqui 2, among others.

Q. In which pictures has PalakMuchhal sung?

A.Palak Muchhal has advanced her voice to songs in several Bollywood pictures, including EkTha Tiger, Aashiqui 2, M.S. Dhoni : The Untold Story, PremRatanDhanPayo, Gabbar is Back, Dilwale, Rustom, Gold, and Kick, among others.

Q. What’s PalakMuchhal’s singing style known for?

A.Palak Muchhal is known for her melodious songs and emotive singing style. Palak Muchhal voice carries a unique mix of agreeableness and depth, which enables her to convey a wide range of feelings through her songs.

Q. Has Palak Muchhal won any awards for her songs?

A. Yes, PalakMuchhal has entered several awards and nominations for her exceptional benefactions to Bollywood music. Some of her notable awards include the Filmfare Award for Stylish womanish Playback Singer( South) for the song” Premika” from Dilwale and the Stardust Award for Stylish womanish Playback Singer for the song” Kaun Tujhe” from M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story.

Q. Does Palak Muchhal sing songs in languages other than Hindi?

A. While PalakMuchhal primarily sings in Hindi for Bollywood flicks, she has also advanced her voice to songs in other Indian languages similar as Marathi and Gujarati. Also, she has performed in colourful languages fornon-film compendiums and live musicales.

Q. Is PalakMuchhal involved in any humanitarian conditioning?

A.Yes, PalakMuchhal is laboriously involved in philanthropy. She has been associated with multitudinous charitable enterprise, particularly in the field of healthcare. Palak and her family PalashMuchhal have initiated the PalakMuchhal Heart Foundation, which aims to give fiscal backing for the treatment of children with heart affections.

Q. Where can one hear to Palak Muchhal songs online?

A.Palak Muchhal songs are available on colourful online music streaming platforms similar as Spotify, Apple Music, Gaana, Saavn, and YouTube. Listeners can pierce her entire discography and enjoy her soulful warbles at their convenience. These are some of the constantly asked questions regarding PalakMuchhal’ssongs list. However, feel free to ask! If you have any farther queries.

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