Chat GPT latest news- now you can make videos too!  

Chat GPT latest news

What is Chat GPT  

OpenAI created ChatGPT, a potent artificial intelligence chatbot. The non-profit organisation dedicated to artificial intelligence study was established by its creators, Altman, Musk, and other Silicon Valley financiers in 2015. That was the latest news of Chat GPT. On November 30, 2022, the organisation made its public debut. The Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer is called ChatGPT. It’s a strong artificial intelligence (AI) bot that can comprehend speech and write in-depth, human-readable content. A noteworthy feature of ChatGPT is the question-answer structure. 

Now videos too!  

OpenAI, the company behind Chat GPT latest news, has revealed that it is developing Sora, a program that can produce minute-long videos in response to text commands. 

The Microsoft-backed business claimed that their text-to-video approach, Sora, could also create a video from an already-existing still picture. 

About Everything OpenAI’s Sora, the Creator of ChatGPT 

Sora could produce videos up to one minute in length while adhering to the user’s request and preserving visual quality. Additionally, Sora is capable of creating intricate scenes with numerous actors, particular motion styles, and precise surrounding and subject features. It is the best latest news of Chat GPT.  

According to Sam Altman, the head of OpenAI, the latest instrument comprehends both the user’s request and how it manifests in the real world. Because of Sora’s profound linguistic comprehension, OpenAI claimed that it can reliably read prompts and produce engrossing characters that vividly convey thoughts. 
Sora can also produce several shots that faithfully maintain the visual design and features in a single-created video. The programme or latest news comes after OpenAI’s Chat GPT virtual assistant, which made waves in the GenAI space in 2022 by crafting emails, writing programming, and even poetry. 

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Shared on X  

Additionally, OpenAI shared the outcomes of a few inquiries on X. Among these was a brief clip of an animated sequence that showed an up-close shot of a small, fluffy creature kneeling next to a red candle that was melting. 

Yet OpenAI pointed out that the current approach has flaws and that it might have trouble adequately recreating the physics of a complicated scene as well as having trouble understanding certain cases of cause and consequence. An individual could bite into a cookie, for instance, but it may not display a bite mark afterwards. 

‘Red Teamers’ And OpenAI Collaborating On Sora 

OpenAI stated that before making Sora public, it will take several crucial safety precautions. According to the latest news from Chat GPT’s founder, the company is developing tools to assist in identifying deceptive content. Like detection classifiers that can determine whether a video producing by Sora. 
The business also said that it is collaborating with red teamers, subject matter experts in areas such as bias, hate speech, and disinformation, who would be evaluating the latest text-to-video framework in an adversarial manner. 

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