Best Top 10 Water parks in India To Beat The Summer Heat

With a range of ages, budgets, and activities, there is a water park for everyone in India! Scroll down to see the top 10 Water parks in India rated based on what’s popular and why.

As the temperatures start to rise, the need to splash in cool, refreshing water is felt more strongly. In India, the summer season coincides with almost a month-long vacation for school children. With plans to visit some of India’s best water parks, the crowds heading to these parks have suddenly surged.

Want to escape the routine for a few hours with the perfect medley of adrenaline rushes, bonhomies and sparkling entertainment? Don’t worry; we have the perfect solution! The joy of rushing down a water slide or the thrill of a roller-coaster plunge into a giant pool can dispel even the most stubborn worries.

Indian summers can be unbearable – but they’re definitely worth trying to conquer at one of our Top 10 water parks in India! Discover which one is perfect for you based on reviews from past visitors.

India has some of the world’s best water parks that rival the world’s leisure centres. I have. Kids and adults love visiting these parks where they can enjoy the wave pools, ride roller coasters and generally have lots of fun with friends and family. Here is a list of the top 10 water parks in India worth visiting.

World of Wonder (WOW), one of the Top 10 Water parks in India

NCR residents shouldn’t miss visiting Worlds of Wonder, WOW, or enjoying the thrilling rides at this theme park. Whether you want to brave the harsh summer, dive into the cool waters, or enjoy the grisly country rides, it’s a place for all ages.

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The whole day can be surprisingly fun for visitors. Start with a dip in the large pool and enjoy a series of thoroughly entertaining water slides. Don’t miss the Turbo Tunnel and Rapid Race when you visit this beautiful amusement park in Noida.

Fun and Food Village, one of the Top 10 Water parks in India

This park on Gurgaon Road is a great place to spend the day and a great place to visit during the peak summer season. When the temperature hits 50 degrees Celsius, plan a trip to this park and feel the cool water caress your sunburned skin.

Amazingly exciting and fun rides such as the Tiger Tiger, Lazy River and Children’s Water Playground keep people of all ages entertained and intrigued. In the evenings, visitors can enjoy a cultural programme.

GRS Fantasy Park, one of the Top 10 Water parks in India

Mysore is famous for its impressive palaces, gardens and the Dashela Festival. Another attraction added to this list is GRS Fantasy Park, which attracts many visitors to enjoy with friends and family. This waterpark is one of the best among the top 10 waterparks in India.

A 60,000-square-foot man-made waterfall and a 10,000-square-foot wave pool are the main attractions, spread over a vast area. Other park activities include Aqua Tornado, Float Ride on Float, Dragon’s Den, Amazonia, Pendulum Slide, 5D Virtual Ride, Lazy River, Snow Sledge and Aqua Dance Floor. Located on KRS Road, it is one of the best water parks in India.

Adlabs Aquamagica, Mumbai, one of the Top 10 Water parks in India

Long considered by many to be India’s best and one of the top 10 water parks in India, Adlabs Aquamagica is best known for its attentive staff and affordable food. Prices are on the higher end of the scale, but it promises plenty of fun for those going in groups, but on weekdays.

long queues at Each ride has its feel and the whole park has a great atmosphere. There are many seasonal discounts, including for students and couples.

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Ocean Park, Hyderabad. one of the Top 10 Water parks in India


Located 15 km from Hyderabad city, Ocean Park offers a variety of water features and rides for all ages. The main highlights of this place are the Wave Pool, Aqua Ride, Splash and Tornado, just a few of the popular water slides.

Other rides include a monkey ride, mini Columbus, tube slides and a children’s wading pool. Dry rides such as Super Loops, Bumper Cars, Bumper Boats and Zip Lines are sure to keep you entertained. If you get hungry, there is also a variety of cuisines available on the Marine Park grounds.

Dreamworld Water Park, Thrissur


Set against the backdrop of Kerala’s largest waterfall, Dreamworld Amusement Park offers an exciting experience. State-of-the-art facilities include an eight-foot-deep wave pool and over 30-foot-long raft rides.

The park has 42 rides, more than half of which are water rides. The scenic waterfall setting makes him one of the top water parks in the country. Rain dancing, a mermaid pool, a multi-game complex for children, video games, and a variety of restaurants with ice cream parlours and buffet facilities are the main attractions.

Aquatica Water Park, Kolkata


Spread over 17 acres, this water theme park is a fusion of water park and hospitality. Water parks are a great way to escape the humidity of Kolkata. In addition to the water park, there is also a resort on site.

After a day of fun in the wave pool or lazy river, you can retire to your cosy room. The water park also features Malibu slides, black holes, rain discos and man-made waterfalls to make your experience worthwhile and considered one of the top 10 water parks in India.

MGM Dizzee World, Chennai


MGM Dizzee World, commonly known as Big on Fun, is an amusement park in Chennai that entertains nearly one million visitors each year. In the entertainment field, there are many in the first place. This is the perfect choice to pick up the top 10 water parks in India.

MGM Dizzee World was the first company to bring its Jurong Bird hot air balloon show from Singapore to India, and in 2000 was the first amusement park in India to offer a helicopter transfer service for visitors. There are water rides, land rides, a snow park, and a stunning amphitheatre that hosts a variety of events.

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Wonderla, Hyderabad



The loudest, craziest, funniest place in Hyderabad. It is as spectacular as its compatriots in Kochi and Bangalore. Wonderla offers over 40 fun rides to party and spends quality time with family and friends.

From celestial wheels to crazy cars and pirate ships, there’s something for everyone here. Wonderla entertains us with fun water rides, from rain discos to drops to tornadoes. Wonderland Hyderabad brings the experience of space flight with the new Mission Interstellar.

Water Kingdom, Mumbai


Water Kingdom in Mumbai holds the crown for the largest and one of the top 10 water parks in India. This is filled with unique water rides, falls, slides and much more.

Known as Asia’s largest water theme park, Water Kingdom is India’s largest, oldest and one of the top 10 water parks in India. The rides and experiences have gone from good to great, all reasonably priced, and some old favourites remain, such as the man-made beach built within the park.

There is also a combined pass for Essel World right next door. Water Kingdom is one of India’s most visited parks for everything from school picnics to weddings to New Year’s Eve celebrations. It is the largest water source in India and Asia.


A day at the amusement park is great exercise and helps you connect with friends and family. Refresh and Rejuvenate – Put a smile back on everyone’s face and plan your special day. If you have children in your group, please keep them safe at all times and supervise small children. Wear safety gear for water activities, stay hydrated and use plenty of sunscreen.

We hope this blog has given you a detailed explanation of the top 10 water parks in India with their locations, prices, popular rides and the best time to visit. Please let us know if you have visited any of these places and if we can add more information to this blog.

Amusement parks and water parks are more than just recreational opportunities for children. Adults can ride roller coasters and take a dip in the wave pool just like the kids. Good news for such people. These are the top 10 water parks in India. Data was collected over 12 months, based on the traveler’s experience.

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