Best Private Places for Couples in Kolkata


A number of hidden havens exist where love may flourish in the most romantic surroundings, tucked away within the colorful tapestry of Kolkata’s rich cultural heritage and busy cityscape. Couples looking for quiet, intimate moments are spoiled for choice in a city that emanates charm and charisma. We’re excited to take you on a tour of Kolkata’s most romantic getaways for lovers, where classic love meets the city’s old-world charm.

The “City of Joy,” also referred to as Kolkata, is home to a variety of secret treasures built just for couples seeking an escape from the mundane. This post will focus on locating these remote havens, where the din of the outer world disappears and is replaced only by sly looks and hushed whispers.

Kolkata’s hidden getaways provide a beautiful setting for couples to create lifelong memories, from lush gardens that entice secret embraces beneath a canopy of flowers to charming tea rooms where time stops still. The city offers a variety of possibilities to suit every romantic inclination, whether you’re commemorating an important event, organizing a romantic getaway, or simply finding consolation in each other’s presence.

From the famed Howrah Bridge, which around sunset colors the skyline with a golden color, to the tranquility of the Rabindra Sarobar Lakeside, which gives a sanctuary of tranquility away from the urban tumult. Find out where in the city couples are most attracted to one another, where the past and present meld together naturally, and where the calm breeze carries the whispers of love.

1. Princep Ghat

Couples may find a peaceful haven along the Hooghly River’s banks at Princep Ghat, a timeless reminder of Kolkata’s historical allure. The ghat draws couples looking for a romantic escape because of its air of nostalgia and tranquility, which was given to it in honor of James Princep, a renowned scholar of ancient scripts.

Princep Ghat offers a romantic setting for couples to relax and rekindle their relationship because it is tucked away among lush gardens and significant landmarks. Couples may have private chats while strolling down the ghat’s well-kept walkways and taking in views of the flowing river and the famous Vidyasagar Setu in the distance. The ghat comes alive with the warm tones of twilight as the sun starts to set, creating a lovely glow that permeates the area.

Couples may take riverboat trips, which provide a special vantage point to see Kolkata’s cityscape and the Howrah Bridge. The calm cadence of the water lapping against the boat creates the ideal atmosphere for secret looks and laughs.

The well-kept gardens of the ghat have a timeless appeal that allows couples to choose peaceful areas to have a romantic picnic or just be in each other’s company. Princep Ghat guarantees a magical experience that captures the spirit of romance among the historical grandeur of the city, whether it is a morning rendezvous or a nighttime retreat.

2. Eco Park

Couples may enjoy a peaceful fusion of nature and modernity at Kolkata’s Eco Park, a spacious paradise. Couples looking for a private sanctuary are drawn to this location, which is spread across acres of beautiful vegetation, tranquil lakes, and themed gardens.

Numerous romantic hiding places may be found across the park’s different landscapes. Eco Park offers romantic getaways where couples may immerse themselves in the embrace of nature, from the serene lakeside locations where swinging palms reflect in the water to the meandering walking routes surrounded by dense greenery. While exploring secluded areas of beauty and tranquility, couples can take leisurely strolls hand in hand.

The romantic encounter is even more enchanted by Eco Park’s themed gardens. A tranquil hideaway would be ideal in the romantic mood that the Rose Garden’s fragrant blossoms and brilliant colors provide. While this is going on, the tiny creatures of the Butterfly Garden flit around, giving the area a whimsical feel.

Eco Park provides boating excursions on its serene lakes for couples who like exploring new places. In the midst of the park’s natural splendor, drifting over the lake in a paddleboat or rowboat offers a special chance to connect with others.

Eco Park enables couples to immerse themselves in its calm atmosphere and make enduring memories there, whether it’s watching the sunset over the lakes, having a picnic beneath a tree, or just enjoying the quiet moments alone.

3. Raichak

For couples looking for a romantic break, Raichak provides a tranquil and opulent sanctuary just a short drive from the energetic streets of Kolkata. This picturesque location, tucked away along the Hooghly River’s banks, is home to a number of luxurious resorts and riverside getaways that epitomize serenity.

The busy urban gradually gives way to a calmer atmosphere as you get closer to Raichak. An initial sensation of tranquility is produced by the sight of the beautiful river and the softly waving palm palms. Couples have a variety of luxurious resorts to select from, each providing private villas or suites with breathtaking river views.

Fort Raichak, a gorgeously rebuilt fort that has been turned into an opulent historical hotel, is one of the attractions of Raichak. Fort Raichak offers a charming setting for romantic strolls and private moments with its old-world elegance, beautiful gardens, and riverbank promenade.

Many of the resorts in Raichak provide spa facilities where couples may receive luxurious treatments, relaxing massages, and wellness therapies. Imagine unwinding with a massage for two while listening to the peaceful sounds of nature.

Raichak becomes an enchanting haven for lovers when the sun sets over the Hooghly River. Couples may enjoy romantic candlelit meals by the sea while sipping exquisite wines and dining on gourmet fare. Raichak provides a dreamy location for couples to disconnect from the outside world and enjoy each other’s company, whether they choose to take a leisurely stroll down the riverside, take a boat ride on the calm waters, or simply lounge by the pool.

4. Allen Park

Allen Park, a tranquil sanctuary tucked away in the middle of Kolkata’s urban bustle, gives couples a quiet escape from the city’s commotion. An intimate and romantic atmosphere for couples to meet and unwind is offered by this lesser-known treasure, which is close to the busy New Market neighborhood.

The first thing you notice when you enter Allen Park is the well-kept lawns, colorful flowerbeds, and meandering walkways that beckon leisurely strolls. As a result of the park’s emphasis on tranquility, couples will find it to be the perfect place to share private moments, exchange sly looks, and forge enduring memories.

The atmosphere of the park varies as the day progresses. Couples may start their day together in a romantic setting in the morning when warm sunshine streams through the foliage. Couples are able to unwind and enjoy one other’s company as the day wears on thanks to the park’s shady seats and calm air.

For couples looking for comfort and connection in the center of the city, Allen Park’s cozy charm and serene setting make it the perfect destination. It’s a sanctuary where time appears to stand still, letting couples take pleasure in the simple pleasures of being together and the peace that only a secret oasis like Allen Park can offer.

5. Flury’s:

Flury’s, a charming reminder of the colonial heritage of the city, is hidden away in the center of Kolkata. Since its opening in 1927, this legendary tearoom has enchanted generations with its classic appeal and top-notch culinary offerings. Once inside, they are taken back in time to a time of sophistication and elegance.

Couples may enjoy the age-old tradition of an English tea experience while tucked away within Flury’s cozy surroundings. The cozy ambiance emanates romance and is ideal for couples looking for a calm and elegant getaway. It is decorated with vintage furnishings and gentle lighting. Flury’s offers a variety of treats to suit every palette, from a wide variety of teas to delicious pastries and sandwiches.

Couples are encouraged by the atmosphere to linger, have sincere talks, and appreciate each second. Flury’s offers an intimate setting that encourages interaction and shared experiences, whether diners are secluded in a quiet nook or situated at a romantic table for two. The tearoom is the perfect place for a romantic evening tête-à-tête as the light of day fades and the atmosphere takes on a mystical charm.

6. Rooftop of Acropolis Mall:

A hidden jewel where couples may escape the hustle and bustle of the city and find comfort in each other’s company is perched atop the Acropolis Mall amid Kolkata’s metropolitan pulse. The rooftop provides a distinctive fusion of modernism and tranquility, striking an alluring contrast to the busy streets below.

The rooftop becomes a romantic retreat as the sun sets and the city’s lights start to sparkle. For couples looking for an exceptional dinner experience, the expansive views of Kolkata’s cityscape provide an absolutely stunning background. Couples may dine outside while gazing up at the sky, bringing a little magic to every occasion.

Couples may enjoy a wide selection of gastronomic options, including delicious local cuisine and flavors from across the world. An intimate and energizing mood is produced by the rooftop’s tranquil setting and the city’s bustling vitality. The Acropolis Mall Rooftop gives couples the chance to escape the mundane and enjoy being in each other’s company against the backdrop of Kolkata’s vibrant metropolitan scene, whether it’s a special occasion or an everyday evening.

Couples are welcome to celebrate their relationship, make enduring memories, and have important talks in settings that appeal to both their senses and souls. This venue in Kolkata provides couples a chance to unwind, connect, and experience the beauty of a relationship, whether they’re having a romantic supper on the rooftop of the Acropolis Mall.


In the busy turmoil of the energetic metropolis of Kolkata, love finds its quiet havens. This investigation into the most romantically secluded locations for couples has uncovered undiscovered treasures where love may grow unhindered. From the ethereal serenity of Prinsep Ghat, where the Hooghly River’s murmurs weave a melody, to the lush solitude of Eco Park’s forested nooks, each place offers a canvas for private relationships, offering comfort to couples looking for relief from the outside world. The ethereal atmosphere of Princep Ghat and the ageless beauty of Raichak guarantee secret looks and shared laughter during your private moments.

Couples may make enduring memories in these havens, which echo the city’s illustrious past against the mesmerizing tapestry of Kolkata. As dusk falls upon the city of pleasure, these enclaves turn into immortal witnesses to the love tales that blossom in their core.

FAQs related to Best Private Places for Couples in Kolkata

Q1: What are some romantic spots for couples in Kolkata?

Some romantic spots for couples in Kolkata include Prinsep Ghat, Victoria Memorial, Eco Park, Millennium Park, and the rooftop restaurants along Park Street.

Q2: Are there any quiet beaches near Kolkata for couples? Yes, Mandarmani and Digha are popular beaches near Kolkata where couples can enjoy a peaceful getaway by the sea.

Q3: Where can couples enjoy a peaceful boat ride in Kolkata? Couples can enjoy a serene boat ride on the Hooghly River at places like Prinsep Ghat and Eco Park.

Q4: What are some private dining options for couples in Kolkata? Some private dining options for couples in Kolkata include The Oberoi Grand, ITC Sonar, and The Westin Kolkata Rajarhat, offering intimate settings and delectable cuisine.

Q5: Are there any cozy cafes for couples in Kolkata? Yes, there are cozy cafes like Flury’s, Mrs. Magpie, and Cafe 4/1, where couples can enjoy a relaxed atmosphere and quality time together.


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