Best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi: A Colorful Journey of Film

best animated movies on hotstar in hindi

Introduction: best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi

Hotstar, an on-demand video streaming platform, offers a plethora of entertainment options for its viewers. Amidst its diverse content library, Hotstar also provides a variety of captivating and entertaining animated movies. This article delves into the world of animated films available best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, presenting a curated list of the best ones that take you on a colourful and immersive journey through the realm of animated storytelling.

This article will help you explore the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi.

1. The Lion King

“The Lion King” is one of the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, released in 1994 by Walt Disney Animation Studios. This animation stands as a timeless masterpiece that has left an indelible mark on the world of animated cinema. With its powerful storytelling, memorable characters, and iconic soundtrack, the film has captured the hearts of audiences across generations. Set in the majestic African savanna, “The Lion King” weaves a narrative that explores themes of identity, responsibility, and the interconnectedness of all living things.

The best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, “The Lion King,” has made a lasting impression on viewers all around the world. The movie depicts an original story that teaches life lessons and self-confidence through the adventures of a lion. With its availability on Hotstar, this film offers you a chance to revisit and revel in its beauty and narrative brilliance.

The film’s cast of characters, from the wise Rafiki to the charismatic duo Timon and Pumbaa, enrich the narrative with humour, wisdom, and life lessons. Their interactions with Simba contribute to his growth and understanding of the world around him.

“The Lion King” stands as a majestic testament to the power of animation to convey profound themes and resonate deeply with audiences. Through its captivating narrative, unforgettable characters, and timeless music, the film reminds us of the universal truths that guide our journey through life. As Simba’s story unfolds, we are reminded that our past shapes us, our choices define us, and the circle of life connects us all in a grand tapestry of existence.

2. Toy Story

Pixar Animation Studios’ “Toy Story” is the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, which was launched in 1995. Toy Story was a game-changer for the animation industry. The movie won viewers over with its inventive plot and appealing characters, and it also introduced them to the wonders of computer-generated visuals. “Toy Story” examines issues of friendship, identity, and the bittersweet passing of time via the exploits of Woody, Buzz Lightyear, and a colourful cast of toys. In this essay, we examine the ideas, significance, and legacy of “Toy Story,” a movie that has won over audiences of all ages.

The unbreakable relationship between Woody and Buzz is the film’s main theme. What starts as rivalry turns into a profound friendship as they work together to overcome challenges. Their journey mirrors the relationships that many individuals share, emphasizing the importance of understanding, trust, and standing by each other’s side.

As Andy, the toys’ owner, grows older and his interests shift, the toys face the inevitable reality of change. Both kids and adults may relate to the concept of growing up and moving on since it captures the sentimental sense of saying goodbye to fond memories and welcoming new chapters.

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With its inventive use of computer-generated visuals, “Toy Story” revolutionized animation and established a new benchmark for visual narrative. The film’s meticulous replication of textures, motions, and facial expressions gave the figures depth and brought the toys to life in a way that had never been done before.

“Toy Story” is a timeless animated film that holds a special place as the debut feature-length film from Disney-Pixar. It masterfully brings to life the story of toys, imbuing them with emotions and an unforgettable narrative. Watch this film on Hotstar and relive the emotions and memories associated with childhood playthings.

3. Finding Nemo

Released in 2003 by Pixar Animation Studios, “Finding Nemo” immediately captured the hearts of audiences with its touching story, memorable characters, and stunning underwater world. As Marlin, a cautious clownfish, sets out on a risky quest to find his baby, Nemo, this touching animated film transports audiences on an extraordinary voyage across the deep depths. The examination of concepts like love, friendship, and resiliency helped “Finding Nemo” establish itself as a treasured classic that appeals to viewers of all ages. The story of “Finding Nemo,” which teaches us about the strength of will and familial ties, is examined in this article for its themes, characters, and influence.

“Finding Nemo” is the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi that highlights the deep bond between a parent and a child. The film follows the journey of Marlin, a protective father, and Nemo, his adventurous son. Their journey in the vast ocean is filled with memorable characters and life lessons that resonate with audiences of all ages.

Marlin’s journey across the ocean introduces viewers to a colourful cast of characters and breathtaking underwater landscapes. From the laid-back sea turtles to the charismatic sharks, the film’s portrayal of marine life adds depth and wonder to the narrative, creating an immersive experience.

4. Ratatouille

“Ratatouille” is the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, offering a unique and heartwarming perspective on the world of cooking and the pursuit of passion. Set in the bustling streets of Paris, the film tells the story of Remy, a rat with a remarkable sense of taste and a burning desire to become a renowned chef. With its charming characters, sumptuous visuals, and endearing narrative, “Ratatouille” has earned a special place in the hearts of audiences worldwide. In this article, we delve into the themes, characters, and impact of “Ratatouille,” a film that reminds us that anyone can achieve greatness with determination and a sprinkle of courage.

“Ratatouille” is the best animated movies on Hotstar Hindi that revolves around the world of food and dreams. It emphasizes the importance of hard work and determination in achieving success, intertwined with a heartwarming tale of fate and ambition. Delve into the world of culinary artistry and life’s aspirations with this charming film available on Hotstar.

The film beautifully portrays his unwavering determination to break free from societal expectations and follow his heart’s desire.

“Ratatouille” is one of the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, emphasizing the importance of pursuing one’s passions regardless of societal norms or limitations. Remy’s culinary aspirations serve as a metaphor for the dreams that often lie within us, waiting to be embraced and pursued. The film encourages audiences to listen to their inner voices and follow their true callings.

5. Ice Age

“Ice Age” is one of the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, released in 2002 by 20th Century Fox Animation. This movie brought a fresh and heartwarming take on the animated adventure genre. A diverse cast of prehistoric characters set out on a quest for survival, friendship, and self-discovery are introduced to viewers in this delightful movie.

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The movie, which is set during the Ice Age, combines humour, drama, and breathtaking graphics to make for an enjoyable and lasting viewing experience. A popular animated series called “Ice Age” takes viewers on an amusing voyage. The movie, which is set in the prehistoric age, centres on a group of unusual companions who set out on a quest to find a family for a kidnapped human. “Ice Age” is a pleasant addition to Hotstar’s animation selections because of its endearing characters and silly humour.

The story of “Ice Age” is one of the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, centred on the voyage of three unusual friends: Diego, a fearsome sabre-toothed tiger; Sid, a chatty sloth; and Manny, a lone woolly mammoth. Their unique peculiarities and personalities form a vibrant and engaging group as they navigate the difficulties of a world that is changing quickly. The narrative’s emotional centre is formed by the film’s main theme of friendship and camaraderie.

“Ice Age” depicts the battle for survival in a harsh and forgiving environment and is set during a period of enormous geological and climatic upheaval. The characters’ search for safety and sustenance represents our innate urge to adapt to new situations and overcome obstacles, making their journey understandable in light of human experience.

6. Moana

An animated movie with breathtaking visuals, “Moana” carries viewers away to the captivating world of Polynesian mythology and adventure. Strong-willed Moana, the lead character in the movie, sets off on a mission to save their home island and learn who she is. “Moana” is a must-watch on Hotstar because of its enthralling aesthetics and inspirational story.

The best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi is Moana, which showcases her determination to challenge societal expectations and gender roles and resonates deeply with audiences. Her decision to venture beyond the confines of her island challenges traditional norms and demonstrates the importance of breaking barriers to pursue one’s dreams.

“Moana” received acclaim for its diverse and culturally accurate representation. The film’s positive impact extends beyond entertainment, fostering discussions about the significance of cultural authenticity and representation in media.

The film beautifully portrays Moana’s connection to nature and her people’s seafaring traditions. Her relationship with the ocean serves as a metaphor for her close ties to her ancestors and the history of her island. Moana discovers about herself, her identity, and her purpose via her adventure, in addition to learning about her cultural history.

7. Zootopia

“Zootopia” is the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi that present a modern and thought-provoking story set in a city inhabited by anthropomorphic animals. The film tackles themes of prejudice, diversity, and determination through the partnership between a bunny police officer and a cunning fox. “Zootopia” is a reflection of society’s complexities, cleverly packaged in an animated masterpiece.

The fundamental themes of “Zootopia” include prejudice, discrimination, and the value of diversity. The façade of the city, which first appeared to be flawless, is destroyed when Judy and her unusual friend, a cunning fox named Nick Wilde, uncover a plot that preys on the prejudices and anxieties of the populace. The difficulties of breaking prejudices and dealing with systemic problems are explored in the movie.

Judy Hopps’ journey from a small-town rabbit to a determined police officer mirrors the journey of self-discovery that many individuals go through when confronting societal norms and expectations. Her determination to break barriers and prove her worth serves as an inspiring example of perseverance and empowerment.

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“Zootopia” presents its social commentary cleverly and engagingly. The city’s divisions and biases parallel real-world issues, making the film’s message relatable to viewers of all ages. Through the interactions of its diverse characters, the film highlights the importance of understanding and embracing one another’s differences.

8. Frozen II 

The captivating story of Elsa and Anna is continued in “Frozen II,” as they go outside of their country in search of the source of Elsa’s magical abilities. The film is a deserving addition to Hotstar’s animated repertoire because of its amazing animation, compelling lyrics, and themes of sisterhood and self-discovery.

Elsa, Anna, Kristoff, Sven, and Olaf the Snowman return from “Frozen II” to reconcile with fans of the original movie. With Elsa now presiding as the ruler of Arendelle, the plot continues where the first movie left off. However, an enigmatic voice calls out to her, inspiring her to travel to the magical woodland and learn the truth about her abilities.

At its core, the Best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi Frozen II delves into the themes of sisterhood and self-discovery. The relationship between Elsa and Anna is at the centre of the story, and the two of them provide each other with unshakable support. Anna’s will to defend her sister and fortify their bond is mirrored in Elsa’s drive to learn about her past and her magical skills.

Elsa starts to doubt her identity and position in the world as she explores the magical woodland. This voyage into introspection serves as a metaphor for the larger subject of self-discovery and discovering one’s real calling. The struggle of Elsa to comprehend her abilities and relationship to the enchanted elements reflects the fundamental human search for self-identity and a sense of belonging.


The best animated movies on Hotstar in the Hindi library bring the art of storytelling to life with captivating visuals, enduring characters, and compelling stories. These movies appeal to viewers of all ages, offering everything from joyful stories of friendship and self-discovery to thought-provoking excursions that confront difficult subjects. You may lose yourself in a world of entertainment that transcends language barriers and speaks to the shared emotions that bind us all, thanks to Hotstar’s extensive library of animated movies. So, grab your popcorn and embark on a delightful cinematic journey through these best animated movies available on Hotstar in Hindi.

FAQs related to best animated movies in Hotstar in Hindi

Which animated movie has the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi?

“The Lion King” is one of the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, released in 1994 by Walt Disney Animation Studios. This animation stands as a timeless masterpiece that has left an indelible mark on the world of animated cinema.

Q: Which Disney movies are Hotstar?

“The Lion King” is one of the best animated movies on Hotstar in Hindi, released in 1994 by Walt Disney Animation Studios.

The captivating story of Elsa and Anna is continued in “Frozen II” as they go outside of their country in search of the source of Elsa’s magical abilities.

Q: Is Disney animation better than anime?

Disney characters are more idealistic and straightforward, while anime characters are more twisted and layered. Over the years, simplicity and nostalgia have gotten the audience glued to Disney, whereas different themes of anime have gotten viewers tied to its shows.

The above article reflects on the best animated movies in Hotstar in Hindi

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