Anupama Serial Story

Anupama Serial Story

Anupama serial story is a story of a mother set in Star Plus. The series, which depicts the life of a
housewife who works day and night for her family, is yet to be rated. Audiences can still enjoy
the emotions in Anupama serial story.

The moving story of the Anupama serial story revolving around, the main character of the Anupama series. Her story feels very real and relatable as well as she is a caring mother, a devoted wife and a loving daughter-in-law
that every Indian woman is. Women of India related to Anupama serial story a lot.
Since the start of the Anupama series, the show has captured the attention of many viewers and
has maintained its place on the TRP list. In this article, we will share information about the cast
and crew of the Anupama serial story, the production team, the story, gossip and spoilers, and the
twists and turns.

More about Anupama Serial Story

The Anupama serial story is about Anupama Shah, a Gujarati housewife. She has a
family-oriented and self-sacrificing nature. Her sister-in-law Dolly, her husband Sanjay, and Dolly
and Sanjay’s daughter Minari.

Anupama Serial Story

Kinjal who has an extramarital affair with Vanraj, and her mother Rakhi are starting to feel a
relationship between Vanraj and Kavya. Samar also meets Nandini Iyer, Kavya’s niece who has
returned to the United States, and they become good friends of her love for Anupamaa.
Later on, Anupama’s best friend Devika Mehta finds out about their affair and informs
Anupamaa along with Kavya’s husband Aniruddha. Anupama refuses to believe them as she
trusts her husband and gives her advice to Vanraj and Kavya.
When there was a function going on during the engagement of Paritosh and Kinjal the family
also prepares a grand function for the Silver Jubilee of Vanraj and Anupama, where Nandini
finds out about the affair and informs Paritosh. However, he is being manipulated by Vanraj. On
the wedding day, Anupamaa is heartbroken as she sees Vanraj and Kavya becoming intimate.

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Then from that day, Anupama decides to leave her husband and the life revolving around her
husband and then starts living her own life on her terms.

About the Production of Anupama Serial Story

In February 2020, Aai Kuthe Kay Karte producer Rajan Shahi announced plans to produce a
Hindi remake of Anupamaa, stating, “This interesting concept about a mother’s journey was so
inspiring that Star We want to bring that to Hindi as well.”
In August 2020, the cast of the Anupama series also performed a special kind of song on
Raksha Bandhan whose title sequence was “Aaj Rakhi Nau Tyohaar Chhe ”.

About star caste

Rupali Ganguly

Rupali Ganguly is an Indian television actress and theatre artist who is currently working on a
very popular show ‘Anupama’. She is the main lead of the Anupama serial story.

Anupama Serial Story

She was born to popular film director Anil Ganguly. When Rupali was seven years old, she got
her first acting job was in the movie Saaheb (1985).
She later appeared as a child painter in her father’s film, Baridan. After graduating, she joined a
local theatre company and began participating in commercial theatre.
Ganguly made his television debut in 2000 with a lead role in the television series “Sukanya”.
After that, she appeared in TV series such as ‘Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi’ and ‘Zindagi… Teri Meri

Vanraj Shah – the other character of Anupama Serial Story

There is a famous dialogue from Vanraj Shah which says that “Vanraj is back” from everyone’s
favourite Sudhanshu Pandey, who currently plays the role of Anupama’s ex-husband in Star

Anupama Serial Story

Plus’s Anupama serial story. The Anupama serial story i.e. Anupama ( Widely known) is one of the hottest shows in the country and his excellent acting captures our hearts.
His fans are curious about his personal life and all the battles he has won to achieve this great
fame. Sudhanshu Pandey was born on August 22, 1974, in Uttarakhand. He started his career
as a singer in the early 2000s with his band A Band of Boys. After his band broke up, Sudanshu
ventured into acting. He is a really good singer and we also saw his skills in his Ravivar on Star

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Gaurav Khanna – Character of Anupama serial story

Anupama Serial Story

Gaurav Khanna is an Indian television actor who is currently playing the role of Anupama’s
second husband. He is a model too. He is best known for his starring role as Anuj his Kapadia
in the popular Star Plus TV series Anupamaa. He has also appeared in many TV shows such as
Bhabhi, Chandrakanta, Chandragupta Maurya and CID. Gaurav has had a long career in the
entertainment industry.
Gaurav Khanna was born on December 11, 1980, in Uttar He Kanpur, Pradesh. Khanna
currently resides in Mumbai due to his passion for acting. Gaurav is a studious one and also
holds a master’s degree in business administration.
He started his career in modelling and television commercials and made his debut in the Hindi
the television industry in the series Bhabhi as Bhuvan His Saleen.

Why are people fond of Anupama?

Unlike other Indian soaps notorious for their cliché tropes and over-dramatization of the typical
middle-class Indian household, Anupama brings to the table a fresh perspective that has been
lacking in Indian television for the past decade.

Anupama Serial Story

Under normal circumstances, I would never watch this series. I’m a picky test guy on TV. With
the rise of OTT and the immediate availability of hit shows like Money Heist and Squid Game, I
never thought I’d see an Indian soap again.
But because of the Covid pandemic, this show i.e. Anupama serial story widely known as Anupama was the only way I could connect with her 60+-year-old grandmother. Well, I don’t know if this show brought us closer, but I can say that it succeeded in keeping me hooked, for all the wrong reasons.
The plot of the show revolves around 40-year-old housewife Anupamasha and her
condescending and mentally abusive husband Vanraj who was in an extramarital affair. Later
on, after catching him in the act of cheating Vanraj started accusing Anupama of failing to live up
to his expectations and started abusing her further.

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What makes Anupama serial story different from other shows

Unfortunately, Anupama serial story is not foreign to our country’s housewives. Many can identify
with her on a personal level. What makes Anupama different, however, is how the show
chooses to deal with the situations that follow. It takes tropes that have been passed down for
decades and puts a new twist on them.
If there’s one thing this show does right, it’s feminism, and it can’t be overemphasized. The way
the show treats the female protagonist is something I have never seen on Indian television. Not
only do they advocate for true gender equality, they do it in ways that normal society would not

By making Anupama an advocate of feminism (a woman in her 40s who has only ever worked
as a housewife), the show shattered hundreds of stereotypes. The show features women such
as large business owners, corporate vice presidents, and school principals.
Unlike other Indian soap operas, the progressive view this show has on ageing women, in
general, is what makes this show so great.

Why do some people dislike the concept of Anupama?

People find these trending television shows glorifying toxic behaviour, glorifying cheating, and
polychromatic shows convey false messages about toxic masculinity. Aggression, stalking, and
male possessiveness by imposing female protagonists on males show in Anupama serial
The whole episode passes by human-human na-tana tana music in the background. This serial
shows typographic ways of showing regression. The ideal heroine is a suit, Saari and vampires
wear stylish Western clothes that are depicted in a good manner in Anupama serial story.

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